Tuesday, May 20, 2008


...is the best time of the year to live here. The crab apple tree is in bloom and I have a perfect view of it from the kitchen window as well as the dining room. The rough patches in the front yard are the work of the dreaded grub. The drive, in front of the rock wall, is old and has not been used for years. I want to spread white gravel on it because I think it will have a magical effect. In front of the drive, near the road is where I am planting a meadow a la Christopher Lloyd.

I planted my first meadow flowers. They were at BJ's and are called Cheddar Pinks. (apparently they are also known as fire witch dianthus. Creepy) They have a scent of cloves which I could not tell when I planted them because of my cold.

It looks like a plant that will take over. So if I give up on my gardening there will be a meadow of cheddar pinks at least.


Petrus said...

Very pretty. Have you been to the Alcott house? I'm beginning to think that your is a bit like it.

If you gave T. some markers, you could even have the paintings on the wall :)

M. Alexander said...

Orchard House is dark brown I think. But as far as the talent that resides inside, well, if you insist ;).

Karen said...

I planted dianthus on either side of my front steps last yr. Mine are "Tiny Rubies Cheddar Pink". During the winter some moles/mice burrowed into the one's on the right side and killed them! If you want something that will take over and be semi-pretty, I can send you a bunch of "snowballs" (I don't know the real name of them!).. you can see them here in a pic from my flower bed last yr:
click here They are the tall white flowers behind the Black Eyed Susan's. I can bring you some when we meet up in August! lol

Anonymous said...

Hmm, you seem to be living in my dream home. If that thing has an adjoinng field...

I love crab apple trees, although my favorite time of the year for them is the autumn, when the rotting crab apples' sweet, thick, wine-like fragrance fills the air. While we have none near our cramped, junky little apartment, there is one outside my dorm at Assumption.