Saturday, September 26, 2009

In Tribute to the "Plain Housewife"

Corazon Aquino, who led the bloodless coup.

From a Time Magazine article:

Though hampered by the government's near monopoly of the media, the Aquino campaign attracted millions of fervent supporters, all decked out in yellow, the reluctant candidate's favorite color. And when Marcos cheated her of victory in the February 1986 vote, the outcry was tremendous — and his doom was sealed. Bearing witness to their political allegiance, the millions who crammed the streets to protect reformist soldiers who had mutinied against Marcos chanted the now familiar mantra: "Cory, Cory, Cory." Nuns armed only with rosaries knelt in front of tanks, stopping them in their tracks.


Aquino was convinced that her presidency was divinely inspired, even as her political foes mocked her piety. "If the country needs me," she said, "God will spare me." And miracle of miracles, she proved God right and her critics wrong.

And this is what she inspired:

Tomorrow will be part II of the tribute to the plain housewife.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dog Mania

I can't stand the way dogs have replaced children in our society. I'm sure everyone knows the story of Mother Teresa going up to a baby carriage in London only to find the carriage contained not a baby but a dog!

The following just came through our freecycle list:

I am wanting to make my Chihuahua a few winter coats. Walmart has done away with all their flannel / fleece.
I wondered if anyone had about 2 yards of any print flannel or fleece. Also double wide seam binding.
Also any fabric remnants left overs would be great too - I could make her some dresses.

Thank You Very much.

Like Linus in Peanuts. "I can't stand it!"

And just think Halloween is coming:

In honor of the upcoming Feast day of St. Francis of Assisi, American Catholic has dedicated a significant portion of its website to "Pet Blessings in the U.S. and an editorial asserting that animals will go to heaven.

Good grief! Salvation for animals! What next? But I suppose it goes to the heresy of "universal salvation". After all animals are part of the universe.

Friday, September 18, 2009

What does this mean?

Oh, no. I have the same white ruffled blouse as Michelle Obama.

What does this mean?

She's shopping the clearance rack of Kohl's in an effort to "get in touch" with the people?

If only we were so easily taken it.

But we remember the $540 sneakers at the homeless dinner. This current pretense is merely a distraction from the current takeover of the economy, health care, the WORLD.

Don't fall for it.

And just don't have a garage sale, no matter what.

And finally more shopping advice from the First Lady. A friend sent me this:

Let's say you're preparing dinner and you realize with dismay that you don't have any certified organic Tuscan kale. What to do?

Here's how Michelle Obama handled this very predicament Thursday afternoon:

The Secret Service and the D.C. police brought in three dozen vehicles and shut down H Street, Vermont Avenue, two lanes of I Street and an entrance to the McPherson Square Metro station. They swept the area, in front of the Department of Veterans Affairs, with bomb-sniffing dogs and installed magnetometers in the middle of the street, put up barricades to keep pedestrians out, and took positions with binoculars atop trucks. Though the produce stand was only a block or so from the White House, the first lady hopped into her armored limousine and pulled into the market amid the wail of sirens.

Then, and only then, could Obama purchase her leafy greens. "Now it's time to buy some food," she told several hundred people who came to watch. "Let's shop!"

Cowbells were rung. Somebody put a lei of marigolds around Obama's neck. The first lady picked up a straw basket and headed for the "Farm at Sunnyside" tent, where she loaded up with organic Asian pears, cherry tomatoes, multicolored potatoes, free-range eggs and, yes, two bunches of Tuscan kale. She left the produce with an aide, who paid the cashier as Obama made her way back to the limousine.

Dana Milbank even does some comparison shopping for her:

Obama, in her brief speech to the vendors and patrons, handled the affordability issue by pointing out that people who pay with food stamps would get double the coupon value at the market. Even then, though, it's hard to imagine somebody using food stamps to buy what the market offered: $19 bison steak from Gunpowder Bison, organic dandelion greens for $12 per pound from Blueberry Hill Vegetables, the Piedmont Reserve cheese from Everson Dairy at $29 a pound. Rounding out the potential shopping cart: $4 for a piece of "walnut dacquoise" from the Praline Bakery, $9 for a jumbo crab cake at Chris's Marketplace, $8 for a loaf of cranberry-walnut bread and $32 for a bolt of yarn.

The first lady said the market would particularly appeal to federal employees in nearby buildings to "pick up some good stuff for dinner." Yet even they might think twice about spending $3 for a pint of potatoes when potatoes are on sale for 40 cents a pound at Giant. They could get nearly five dozen eggs at Giant for the $5 Obama spent for her dozen.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

They Insisted: the kids

...that I post this. It was too funny.

Are the "sheeple" waking up?"

Is it too late?

Is Tiananmen Square next?

This is Getting Serious:

Largest protest against Obama Since he took office.

It will be time to declare martial law anytime now.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Won't Back Down

Dedicated to my daughter Rose, whose courage inspires me.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

O'Malley and Obama

O'Malley's Defense of the Indefensible.

I think you will find it as touching as I did. Especially when the Cardinal goes on about Placido Domingo and Yo Yo Ma and the 1000s lining the streets for Ted Kennedy.

From the mob calling for the crucifixtion to the mob storming the Bastille and cheering on the guillotine, has it ever been on the side of morality and right?

And the Cardinal made sure to endorse Obama's universal healthcare program. Heartwarming isn't it?