Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Society Needs Stable Gay Marriages

As I was reading this editorial I thought, well the typical, anti-Catholic, pro-homosexual propaganda. Then when I got to the bottom of the page, and saw who had authored it, I had to go back and re-read it.

Holy Father, Send Help.

Cardinal Levada to Seminarians: Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Cardinal Levada yesterday in his homily urged priests not to disclose their homosexuality according to this article. The homily was given at the occasion of the installation of the new rector of the North American College the U.S. Seminary in Rome and in front of its 170 seminarians.

To Cardinal Levada it's all about the symbolism:

A public declaration of homosexuality places a priest "at odds with the spousal character of love as revealed by God and imaged in humanity,"


the question also needs to be viewed from its theological perspective, particularly in light of the biblical images of God's spousal relationship with his people and Gospel passages in which Jesus refers to himself as the bridegroom.

Cardinal Levada went on to mention that the problem of clergy abusing children has been solved, that ordinations of gay men are valid and that it has been reported (for apparently he has no DIRECT knowledge) that priests are coming out in the pulpit and he wishes they wouldn't. So except for THAT it's all good news.

Does it seem like a strange topic for the homily on this occasion? Does it seem like damage control? One wonders how the Gospel reading related to these topics? It would be like a homily at a wedding where the preaching was about rape, domestic violence, adultery and divorce.

This is the head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. The Grand Inquisitor. These are strange messages indeed to send to the seminarians and faculty of the North American College.

Nurse Attacked for Refusing to Perform Abortions in Pakistan

In Pakistan, a nurse who refused to perform an illegal abortion was gang raped in retribution. The article is here. Unfortunately the religion of peace, love and brotherhood requires that the victim produce 4 witnesses to prove her claims that she was raped.

The next time that we are standing outside the abortion clinic with our little signs, enduring the disapproving looks and profane gestures I'm going to remember the price that this woman paid to save the life of a baby.

I won't waste my time waiting for the feminists to make this case their cause celeb. It just doesn't fit in with their agenda. An agenda that is losing its appeal and the support of women. Finally.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Open Letter from Closed Minds

19 Canadian priests have published an open letter detailing their opposition to Church's teaching on same sex marriage and gay priests. You can read the article here.

One name caught my eye, Fr. Raymond Gravel. According to the article:

Father Gravel -- who had a rough-and-tumble youth as a prostitute and barman in a leather bar before he entered the priesthood -- has often criticized the church's views on gays in the past.

From life as a prostitute and leather barman to priest. We have a saying in New England, "You can't get there from here."

Fr. Gravel has been in the news before. Here, here and here.

Fr. Gravel has the support of his bishop and even a letter from then Cardinal Ratzinger wasn't enough to stop him. What will it take?

The last time such a blatant statement of dissent on Church teaching was published with the support of quisling clergy was on Humanae Vitae. And unfortunnately we all know how THAT turned out.

Scottish Bishop Defends Children

Bishop Joseph Devine of Motherwell, Scotland

You can rightly ascertain that any Bishop who is as hated by the liberal press and consistently raked over the coals for supporting the teachings of the Church as Bishop Devine is that he is doing a good job as a shepherd of souls. Currently Devine is standing strong against adoption of children by homosexual couples here. Previously Bishop Devine was adamant that homosexuals would not be allowed to teach in Catholic schools.

Bishop, soon to be Cardinal Sean (as he prefers to be called) has also taken a stand against same sex adoption, but only after the Vatican demanded it and his Catholic Charities in Boston is still on the wrong side of this issue. There are those who lead and those who must be led.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Amazing Incorruptibles

Amazing post and pictures from Traditio in Radice here.

And don't forget the book by Joan Carroll Cruz here.

But check half.com and ebay.com first for the best price.

Two Catholic Priests Arrested in China

Our Lady of China, pray for us.

China has reacted to the elevation of the Bishop of Hong Kong to the position of Cardinal by arresting two Catholic priests and warning the Bishop.

One of the priests runs a orphanage for 108 handicapped orphans. In other words a real enemy of the state.

Wikipedia has more information about the persecution of the Catholic Church in China.

A New Level of Caring

Bishop Imesch is "baffled" and "deeply hurt" that he is being accused of not caring about victims of sexual abuse. He is accused of:
1. being slow to act
2. being cold hearted
3. transferring priests who are abusers

This is surprising and somewhat puzzling. According to Sr. Mary Frances Seely who works for the diocese (i.e. on the payroll) :

"They have done everything possible that I know of," said Sister Mary Frances Seeley, a Franciscan who serves as the diocese's victim assistance minister. "I know (Imesch) has interrupted meetings to talk to victims."

Interrupting meetings to talk to victims. Truly this is a new level of caring.

The whole article is here.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Gospel of Judas: Will Gnosticism be Revived?

The Gospel of Judas is set to be published. Beliefnet has the article here.

For an interesting article about Judas depicted in art, you can read here.

Who Won't be Wearing Red this Year?

Catholic World News asks who missed out on being named a Cardinal here.

I wonder why none of the most traditional bishops especially those cited by Bishop Rifan (himself a fine candidate) were elevated to the status of Cardinal?

At a Una Voce conference in Providence, RI Bishop Rifan stated:

"You have four bishops who allow all their diocesan priests to offer the Traditional Mass [privately] at any time," Bishop Rifan said. He specifically cited Archbishop Raymond Burke of St. Louis, Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz of Lincoln, Neb.; Bishop Thomas Doran of Rockford, Ill.; and Bishop Alvaro Corrada, SJ, of Tyler, Texas, who have been generous in the Ecclesia Dei indult application, as requested and emphasized repeatedly by the late Pope John Paul II."

Files under things that make you go, hmmmmm.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Jesuits Sell part of Shrine of the North American Martyrs

I can't tell you how strange I find it that the company that purchased land (76 acres) and a 63,000 square foot building, which was originally part of the Shrine of the North American martyrs cannot be found on the internet. Anywhere.

It is called The American Sports Committee, Inc and is based in New York City. The article about the sale gives more information here. I wouldn't have thought it possible that any NYC based company would be without a website.

While it is a real shame that the land has been sold at all it is of even more concern what the land will be used for. Are the Jesuits short of money?

A representative of the company, Jennie Wong said the land will be used to: "promote various kinds of sports and exercise programs that will enhance personal health through a holistic approach."

It doesn't take much imagination to realize that "holistic health" is a code word for New Age spirituality. May the souls of St. Isaac Jogues, St. Rene de Goupil and St. Kateri Tekawitha haunt them if they intend such mischief!

For a beautiful website about the shrine sponsored by the Willa Cather devotees you can go here.

Mass Attendance in Scranton Drops to 36%

The Diocese of Scanton has discovered that their Church attendance rate is an anemic 36%. In 1950 it was 75%. Personally, given the scandals they have weathered these last few years I was impressed. But then it's so easy to forget that low attendance is especially of concern when it corresponds with diminishing donations. Which may be the case here. The whole article is here.

J. Brian Benestad, Ph.D., a theology professor explains:

The decline, in part, is linked to the saturation of secular culture and an ignorance about Catholicism among its practitioners, said J. Brian

“I really don’t think Catholics have a very good understanding of their faith,” he said. “You have to keep some of the essential doctrines of the faith before your mind and your heart, or you’re not going to remain a very dedicated Christian.”

[emphasis mine]

Some, meaning the really important ones I suppose, like loving everyone unconditionally.

Sexual abuse scandals among clergy members may have also played a role, albeit a small one, Benestad said.

You mean like this one.

There’s probably less trust of bishops and clergy because of that,” he said.

Change that "probably" to certainly and I'm right there with ya.

The Bishop indicates that is an obligation for Catholics to attend Mass. An obligation they may be unaware of.

Though I see no mention of it do you think the deplorable state of Religious Education could possibly have played a role here? Instructing the ignorant and admonishing the sinner used to be known as the Spiritual Works of Mercy.

What it should come down to is a question of salvation. That is the purpose of the transmitting the Faith. But you can see from the Mission Statement of the Diocese of Scranton
they are committed:

"to celebrate the sacraments, especially the Eucharist, for the salvation of all"

Seems like the salvation of all is being taken care and nothing is required of us. Cool.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Nothing in Life is Free

In case you were wondering.

Cardinal Pell, Down Under Attack

Cardinal Pell is being called the new Eichmann (the Nazi who was responsible for killing the Jews) for not teaching moral relativism, I mean "freedom of moral conscience". A group of liberal pseudo Catholics have filed a complaint with, get this, The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Concerned? Worried? Sleepless?

Cardinal Pell is laughing it off.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Right to Murder Heresy

Bishop Robert Vasa has a column in The Catholic Sentinel about heresy, abortion, canon law and what is required of Catholics. The article is here.

Of Note:

We live in an age which places a very strong emphasis on tolerance, mutuality, and acceptance. I have heard repeatedly over the years that “Jesus never judged, condemned or excluded anyone.” I wonder if Peter would agree as the words of Jesus, “Get behind me you Satan,” rang in his ears. I wonder if the Scribes and the Pharisees would agree as they rankled at being called whitened sepulchers or broods of vipers. I wonder if those who heard Jesus say, “Whoever leads one of these little ones astray, it would be better if he had a millstone tied around his neck and be cast into the sea,” nodded approval and said, “He is so tolerant and accepting.” This verse is included, virtually verbatim, in each of the three Synoptic Gospels, Matthew, Mark and Luke.

Give me an "Amen" if the following has ever happened to you-

In our “compromising age” we are loath to name something too strongly. If we do, we are accused of harshness, judgmentalism, perhaps arrogance, certainly intolerance and possibly pharisaism. While it is always necessary to speak the truth with love, the Church also believes and teaches that it is also necessary to speak the truth with strength. It is necessary to defend truth and not be too quick to rationalize, justify or excuse misleading teachings or teachers. There is a point at which passive “tolerance” allows misleading teachings to be spread and propagated, thus confusing or even misleading the faithful about the truths of the Church. There is a very strong word, which still exists in our Church, which most of us are too “gentle” to use. The word is “heresy.”

Canon Law (and I love the sarcasm):

As a point of information, the present Code of Canon Law does include a couple of canons on heresy. Canon 751 defines heresy as “the obstinate denial or obstinate doubt, after the reception of baptism, of some truth which is to be believed by divine and Catholic faith. . . .”

(I knew it!)

Don't read this next line unless you are sitting down.

It may come as a bit of a shock, but there are a number of Catholic theologians who now seriously call into question these basic teachings, these Creedal tenets.

The teaching of the Church in the area of life is clear and unequivocal. Human life must be respected and protected from conception to natural death. Those who maintain that any and all decisions about the disposition of pre-born human beings are exclusively the right of the mother or the parents, at least implicitly, reject the clear and consistent teaching of the Church. The truth is that God charges each of us with the duty to protect and defend innocent human life. This is clearly stated in the Fifth Commandment: Thou shalt not kill.

One brave soul has termed this present rejection of responsibility for one’s pre-born brother or sister the right-to-murder heresy.

Our kind and gentle Lord will certainly receive us and help us when we cry out to Him for He is “meek and humble of heart,” but I suspect he will likewise not mince words with those who reject His Way and His Truth.

I think Bishop Vasa's suspicions are well founded.

Spiritual Reform Must Begin with Religious Orders

The whole Catholic News Service article is here.

Some highlights:

Archbishop Franc Rode, head of the Vatican office that oversees religious orders states:

"...religious congregations must take stock, recover their "apostolic dynamism" and shed the excessive secularism of the post-Second Vatican Council period."


"Throughout the history of the church, religious orders and congregations were always the ones pushing forward, bringing dynamism and a call for holiness. They were always on the front lines".

What happened since Vatican II

Since the Second Vatican Council, he said, some orders have abandoned their traditional fields of apostolate, only to lose themselves in uselessness or unproductive activities. The result is stagnation.

Ya think?

What young people want:

"Far from the kind of dispersion that was widespread after the council, they are taking great care to promote cohesion of the religious community," he said. "The pendulum is swinging from, shall we say, a secularist euphoria back toward a certain severity. But note that this is not an imposed severity -- these young people want it and demand it."

Now this should be controversial. What young people want is "severity"? They sure do and if they aren't given the opportunity to sacrifice and suffer they misdirect their energies to tattooing, body piercing. It's my theory that young people who are spoiled and indulged in the name of "kindness" are seeking ways to show that they can suffer. These seem to be their only avenues to demonstate that. Youth is made for valor, and not for MTV, McDonalds and video games.

The global picture:

In Canada, for example, he said it is "mathematically certain" that, if things do not change, by the year 2040 the majority of existing religious congregations will disappear. He said that would be a shame, considering the important role of religious orders in Canada's history.

The vocations are coming from Asia and Africa:

He said the real increases in religious vocations are coming in the Third World, as "Catholicism moves toward the South and toward the East." Asia has enjoyed a boom in vocations, up about 40 percent in recent years, he said.

"Why Did This Happen?"

is the title of a Bollywood film that is the result of a collaboration between the Catholic Church in India and Bollywood (the Bombay based film industry in India which produces more films than any other country).It is set to be released here (how will we wait?)in July or August of this year.

Written by Fr. Dominic Emmanuel, you may wonder at the topic; The missionary efforts of St. Francis Xavier, St. Thomas the Apostle, the work of Mother Teresa?

No, you're not even close.

The subject ot this film is HIV/AIDS, single motherhood and respect for religious diversity. It made me wonder "How Could This Happen?".

Fr. Emmanuel on the film:

"The boy tests HIV positive (because of his relationships). But this is not a bleak film, it offers hope with the heroine professing her love for the hero even after the disclosure that he is HIV positive."

It reminds me of the romantic herpes II commercials you see on TV. All the time, it seems. Usually depicted are a very attractive couple, one of whom we are to presume has Herpes II. Emblazoned into our consciousness is the idea that Herpes II does not make you unattractive or unappealing, in fact quite the opposite. You may find yourself thinking by the end of the commercial, "I will date NO ONE who DOES NOT have Herpes II.". It makes me very happy to be married I can tell you.

Back to the film. Though a low budget film (reportedly $288,000) and financed by the Catholic Church, the assistance of Maharesh Bhatt, a producer and director known for his "steamy" films was sought to assist with the marketing and advertising. Fr. Emmanuel chose him so that the film, "does not become preachy but retains its place in the genre of entertainment."

Of course we know that "preachy" equals "bad" notwithstanding the commandment to "Go forth and preach to all the nations...". That was a long, long time ago and now we guard against being "preachy" in all forms. Preaching has given way to entertainment, especially enobled when it seeks to become "educational entertainment".

AIDS as victory. What a concept.

Water: the Key to Love & Perfect Health

When I first read this the cynic in me thought that this company was a scam.

But after visiting their website.... and listening to the music I think they may be on to something.

Something beautiful.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Cartoons: A Real Riot

This is my favorite of all the cartoons (there are 14) that are causing the protests, rioting and unrest in the Muslim world. You can see them all on Michelle Malkin's site.
And CNN has a roundup of the latest riots- 40,000 in Pakistan chanting "God is Great" or "Allah Akbar"

It's a wonder, isn't it that you couldn't get 40,000 Muslims to protest an honor killing or an act of terrorism that took an innocent life?

Some newspapers have decided not to run the cartoons out of fear for the lives of their staff. It had crossed my mind that this might earn me a fatwah, which is pretty much one of my publishing goals.

That, and someday being nominated for the Catholic Blog Awards. My favorite nominee is Donegal Express for the weird, odd X-files, Twin Peaks type of humor by a Traditionalist. Don't miss his FIQs or frequently imagined questions.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Brokeback Propaganda

I've resisted blogging about this b/c it is just so distateful. Not such the topic of the movie, not just the awards being heaped on this flick and not just the way that what- should-be-normal people who should know better are going to see it and admitting it but the way it is an attempt to destroy the culture through the promotion of perversion.

This is the best essay I've read on the movie.

Some highlights:

No discernment:

In a society that is purposely and effectively dumbed down, the rarest and most valuable of commodities is discernment. Increasingly crucial, discernment is an attribute of astute acumen, and vital as your enemy uses crafty subtlety. As a people, we have lost discernment. Logic, rational and intellectual discourse, are shunned from the public square. Feelings, emotional sentiment and compassion are no longer tempered with intelligent reason. Now truth is sacrificed on the altar of "tolerance".

Not too surprising:

First and foremost, I,ve yet to hear anyone mention how boring this film is. It's tediously long and in most parts just plain dull.

How marriage is portrayed:

Every time marriage is depicted in the film, it is shot in a tiny dark squalid hovel, with screaming children and absolute pandemonium. The house is a mess, the wife never communicates on any kind of meaningful level. Wives in fact, are portrayed as a constant annoyance, and more irritating than understanding. But children receive the worst treatment in this slanted rant against family. They are usually crying, often two at a time, or smashing things, the general feeling the film presents, is that these joyless hellions are an intrusion into life, an encumbrance and a terrible burden.

What women think:

So what about the "love, is this really a film about love? Having spoken to a lot of women about this film, I can tell you, they think it is. "Oh, it's a true love story. they pine. A married woman told me, "Because it's about two men it's much more interesting, a man and a woman would be banal."

What's next:

Yaoi is a massive multi-million dollar subculture providing young girls with comic books and animated films depicting gay romantic love between handsome boys, culminating in explicit hard core homosexual pornography. The tide of this material represents a generation of girls whose misdirected sexuality is being warped in an unnatural direction. Traveling extensively, I warn you this epidemic is rampant throughout Europe, Russia, Asia, and now making heavy inroads into the Americas. Parents have no idea what their young girls have tucked under their mattresses, or hidden in closets and computers. Scores of websites are devoted to young girls fiction describing their fantasies of young men in popular music, tv, film, etc, all engaged in romantic "love and gay sex

Dr. R. Winfield may be reached at drrwinfield@mail.com

Some of his selected lectures will be posted coming soon at

Irish Cottage

I knew, by the smoke that so gracefully curl’d
Above the green elms, that a cottage was near;
And I said, “If there ’s peace to be found in the world,
A heart that was humble might hope for it here.”
Ballad Stanzas by Thomas Moore

A painting of my parents' home in the parish of Kilmichael, Ireland. Artwork by Agon. To see more traditional Irish paintings look here.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Holy Father and Laura Bush

She wore a veil. Excellent. Mrs. Bush presented the Holy Father with a silver bowl. Would love to know if there is an inscription on it. In turn she received a small case that held a rosary or medal.

Eid Ashoura

To demonstrate my extreme regard for diversity I would like to wish you all a very Merry Eid Ashoura. This is the festival that calls to mind the death of the Iman of Hussein at the battle of Kerbala in 680AD. Shia or Shite Muslim men beat and lacerate their heads to commemorate the death of the Iman. For other interesting Muslim days you can read here.

Can the "religion" that gave us the 9/11 hijackers, Saddam Hussein, the Ayatollah Khomenini, female circumcision, honor killings and fatwahs really be responsible for this. In fact, it makes perfect sense.

Now I'm Confused

How can it be that this is sexual harassment?

But this isn't? [warning descriptive content]

To Serve and Protect

Most people will recognize this motto as that of the police. But as most prolifers know this does not apply to those who are prolife and still less for those who act on their prolife principles. Examples of unlawful harassment of prolife citizens can be read here.

Still knowing this, the account of Joel Fernandez being arrested in Boston for trying to hand an abortion minded woman a pamphlet, surprised me. For updates on the court case you can read the Boston Rescuer here. I picked up the story from Catholic World news here.

Will union workers on the picket line who hand out literature be arrested? No. Will Jehovah Witness who attempt home invasions and literature distribution be arrested? Don't think so.

The buffer zone law has denied prolifers the right to peaceably assemble, the right to free speech has been threatened by declaring it "hate speech", and now prolifers lose their ability to leaflet. The truth is a very threatening thing and in this country very threatened.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

St Perfecto, A Timely Devotion

You can read all about St. Perfecto, who was beheaded by the Muslims for calling Mohammad a false prophet here.

With thanks from Irish Elk a very cool blog you can read here.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

An Appeal

The following is a letter I received from a dear priest who asks our help.

Dear Friends,
Ave Maria!

As you all know, it has been the centuries-old tradition in the vernacular languages to capitalized pronouns and possessive pronouns referring to Almighty God and to our Divine Lord Jesus. Faithful translations of the Popes' letters and addresses into the vernacular tongues have always maintained this important sign of respect for the majesty of God and the divinity of Our Blessed Lord. The English translations coming now from the English Edition of the Osservatore Romano have systematically stopped this Catholic protocol, most recently in the Pope's encyclical.

Fortunately the expert translators of Papal material into the Portuguese, Italian and Spanish tongues continue to follow this respectful practice which exists also in their own traditions. It is certainly evident that the clergy and faithful in these countries would not accept the introduction of referring to the Divinity in the lower case, and it is equally certain that we should not accept anything less regarding our own Catholic tradition. The respectful reference to God in the upper case, incidentally, is a practice followed also by devout Protestants.

So I am asking all of you, who feel so inspired, to send a letter or e-mail to the Director of the Osservatore Romano, Signor Mario Agnes, expressing your displeasure at this callous and disrespectful practice and requesting that the editors correct the texts on the internet and in any future printed versions.

The email address of the Osservatore is:
"L'Osservatore Romano"
00120 Cittá del Vaticano

"And I say to you: Whosoever shall confess Me before men,
him shall the Son of Man also confess before the angels of God.
But he that shall deny Me before men
shall be denied before the angels of God" (Lk. 12, 8-9).

Thank you all
and may God bless you.
In Christ,
Father Thomas Carleton

Jackson Cleared, No Obstacles, No Worries

Now I guess we are left hoping that somehow Michael Jackson will turn down this career opportunity.

With thanks from the Curt Jester:

"Yesterday, Father Giuseppe Moscati, of the Millennium Music Society, which specialises in church music and organises musical events at the Vatican, reluctantly confirmed the details.

Fr Moscati said: "We have the rights for the 24 prayers written by Pope John Paul.

"We had hoped the fact that we have been in contact with Michael Jackson would remain a secret. But sadly it has leaked out ahead of time. We are in discussions and trying to sort it out."

Fr Moscati dismissed Jackson's controversial past and insisted it was no barrier to him working with the Catholic Church. The priest said: "He was cleared and found not guilty by a jury.

"Michael Jackson is very interested in this project - we shall see what happens."

Strange that this was being arranged "secretly". N'est-ce pas?

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

This Is One of Those Stories...

...and I think it is a story that I am simply refusing to believe. I'm starting to hear it picked up by more media. Must be a last ditch effort by Jackson and his people (and I use that term in the loosest sense of the word) to regain some respectability.

Caveat Emptor in Chicago

The situation in Chicago has continued to deteriorate for Cardinal George. This past Sunday saw a prominent pastor call for his resignation from the pulpit.

A new policy to address a report of abuse by a priest is announced by the Chancellor of the Archdiocese and that is to "announce an investigation is going on". This will allow the priest to continue. The Chancellor likened it to a police officer who is given a desk job while being investigated for shooting someone. (In the analogy the police officer usually has his gun taken away in the meantime.) The Archdiocese tried "monitoring" and that didn't work so now they will publicly announce the investigation and then I guess it's Caveat Emptor. So if your child is abused after "the big announcement" you'll get less money when you get to sue. I guess. This is what we call progress.

But how about REMOVING THE PRIEST FROM MINISTRY? Which is what I thought the Dallas Charter of 2002 advised, suggested, or counselled but apparently didn't require.

Unlike Ben Roethlisburger, Cardinal George is not going to Disneyland. Is he going to Rome a la Cardinal Law? Stay tuned.

The John Paul II Cultural Center

An article in the Detroit Free Press about the JPII Cultural Center discusses the fact that the Archiocese of Detroit has loaned $40 million to the debt ridden center. Catholic World News with its as usual excellent commentary can be read here.

The first I had heard of the Center was that an exhibit of the Kennedy's and American Catholicism was being held. This was years ago. I guess I wrote it off when I heard that. It held such artifacts as Jacqueline Kennedy's wedding dress.

In going to the official website of the Cultural Center- several themes emerge. One being the importance of the Jewish influence on John Paul II. Rabbi Abie I. Ingber is one of the experts who gives interviews on the life of JPII. He is the director of the Hillel Jewish Center and instrumental in the exhibit "A Blessing to one another: Catholicism and Judaism". An upcoming lecture series will feature the controversial Cardinal Walter Kasper and Rabbi Eugene Borowsky discusing "God and Revelation: Theological Dimensions of Catholic and Jewish Dialogue".

Another former exhibit was titled: God's Women: Nuns in America. The description shows a picture of three dolls dressed as nuns and included in the collection will be over 50 dolls dressed in habits. Apparently it was difficult to find photographs of actual Catholic nuns in America wearing habits.

Then there was "Faith of Our Fathers and Mothers: The Role of Faith in the Greatest Generation". In spite of the awkward title and the politically correct inclusion of mothers this seems to have been a worthwhile exhibit. It focused on WWII artifacts and promises to include a discussion of Chaplains of all denominations. To show how important this was see this direct quote:

Chaplaincy: the invaluable branch of the military and religious life in all denominations is highlighted through compelling artifacts and photographs of chaplains, of all denominations, in action.

Reminds me of the Daughters of St. Paul and their icons of saints of all denominations including but not limited to Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.

Some interesting artwork can be seen here featured at the Center. Reminds me a bit of Dr. Seuss. Here is the promo for an upcoming exhibit. The picture shown here looks awfully like Jesus' wedding picture to me. I would be happy to be wrong.

The Chapel is probably the heart of the Center and the picture seen here speaks volumes.

Maybe if the directors of the Center decided to substitute Catholicism for Liberalism, people would actually come to visit and patrons would be happy to donate to support the project.

Monday, February 06, 2006

The Church in China

photo courtesy of the Angry Twins blog.

Today the Chinese Catholic Church is in the news with a story about how the Vatican "seems to be" slowly recognizing the Patriotic Church as in communion with Rome. If this report can be believed (and it is Newsweek so who knows)the recent consecrations of Bishops have occurred with the approval of Rome implying that they will be recognized as official. The article also states that China has demanded that the Vatican break off diplomatic relations with Taiwan which it has supposedly said it is prepared to do immediately. According to the Cardinal Kung Foundation when the underground (a.k.a. Faithful) bishops are dying they are NOT being replaced by Rome.

The Angry Twins is a popular blog that has some pretty amazing pictures of the Chinese Church and the suffering of the Chinese people. You can see them here and here.

Found this information from EWTN about the confusion among Catholics about the Patriotic and Catholic Churches in China and how the will of Rome seems to be subverted.

Seems like media and the liberals within the Church are trying to cause even more confusion. For information about the situation in China the Kung Foundation seems to be the most reliable and the closest to the situation. Run by the nephew of the late Cardinal Kung, Joseph Kung their website gives information about supporting persecuted underground Church in China.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Rap, Rebellion and Bourgeosis Youth

Here's the so-called controversial cover of Rolling Stone. Yawn.

I think it has become almost a given that when no one is paying attention to your "artistry" you try to stir up some interest by doing something to provoke or incite.
The only problem is that it's hard to care that much about Rap, Kanye West or Rolling Stone.

Jonah Golberg has an interesting take on why Kanye West's controversial Rolling Stones cover isn't really so controversial after all. It's all here and maybe some of the bourgeosis youth will read it and realize they've been had.

Do You Ever Wonder....

If some of the new moves to the hard right by the bishops in the United States aren't bold faced career opportunism. With the new Pope, not exactly known for his liberalism or tolerance of such, I sometimes wonder why Bishops who have been in office many years, presiding over all sorts of regrettable diversity and pastoral sensitivity are suddenly finding the gumption to shake things up. I'm not complaining, mind you, but only wondering.

There Are No New Heresies, Only New Heretics.

Sometimes you wonder what it takes to get really scandalous heresy addressed. And then when it is, like here you are left wondering if this isn't a teachable moment being missed by the Bishop.

Here you have a direct attack on the divinity of Christ (otherwise known as Arianism) at His Nativity and the real concern appears to be the graphic nature in which the attack is made. Why wasn't this priest placed under interdict for heresy as a warning to the faithful not to be misled by his errors? Oh, because that only happens to traditional and conservatives.

Chicago Unravels

As things continue to unravel in the case of Fr. McCormack in Chicago, today's Tribune article makes some stunning points. Just when you thought the abuse problem was being addressed and even resolved we find we are a far far way from home. The whole article is here.

Some highlights:

Cardinal George:

"I recognize that I should have found some way to react more aggressively because this was a current allegation, the first one we've had, it didn't take hold immediately that this was current" and he should have found a way to remove McCormack.

Remember this and keep reading:

At first diocesan officials didn't know how to handle abuse because they said they:

1. Thought people could be cured
2. Didn't believe the victims
3. Thought they could intimidate the victims into silence (worked well for a while but was really a stopgap measure)
4. Thought reassigning the priest would make it stop.

Back to the article:

As problems with the handling of the McCormack case emerged, George removed from ministry another priest who had also been monitored. Questions remain about why that priest apparently had no supervision for a year after abuse allegations were made.

Wait, I thought Cardinal George JUST SAID, this (the McCormack case) was THE ONLY ONE.

Prosecutors alleged in court Thursday that the abuse of the third victim occurred over a period that ended in December. McCormack had been under church monitoring since last fall after abuse allegations first surfaced, though prosecutors determined there was not enough evidence to charge him.

"Monitoring" ah yes, a new weapon in the arsenal to stop abuse of children. I don't recall reading about monitoring in the Dallas Charter. I remember reading a lot about Zero Tolerance.

McCormack was released after his brother posted the required $30,000, according to court officials.

Could this be the same brother with whom McCormack is staying? The brother who is a police officer? Now I know what you're probably thinking- could the reason that the allegation in August 2005 was not believed by the police, not acted upon by the police and the report was never given to the Cardinal be because McCormack's brother is a police officer. That would be a very cynical view of things indeed.

And it gets worse for McCormack when he allegedly denied his identity when an investigator with the Department of Children and Family Services approached him. Ah, this reminds me of another case when the old "deny your identity" trick was tried. Didn't work then either.

The following day when DCFS investigators returned, he admitted lying to them the day before, Muldoon alleged.

That was good of him.

And his attorney is comparing his treatment to the Salem Witch trials. One small difference is that the witches were killed in Salem. That is an outcome that though tempting we cannot hope for here.

The mother of the latest victim discussing why she allowed her son to do chores around the rectory:

"I was real angry," the mother said. "They (the kids) were trying to earn a little change. I would rather have them do it that way, than be out there trying to sell drugs and stuff."

Tough call- is it better to have your child doing chores at the rectory or be out selling drugs. Hmmmm.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Powerful Beauty of a Vocation

Today is the feast day of St. Brigid of Ireland and so the feast day of my sister Sr. Brigid Mary, MICM. Sr. Brigid professed her vows the day after Rebekah was born September 7th, 2005. This is a picture of Sr. Brigid and her niece Rebekah on Rebekah's baptism day. This was also the first time I had seen Sr. in her black veil. (previously she had worn the white of the novice). Before Sr. Brigid took her religious name she was known to the world as Rebecca and that is why we named our little Rebekah after her. We are so proud of her and know she will be a powerful example for our children. If you are interested in reading more about the vocation of a Slave to the Immaculate Heart of Mary you can do so here.

St. Brigid, pray for us.