Friday, July 28, 2006

Breaking- Boston Archdiocesan Employee "Ordained"

An employee of the Boston Archdiocese admitted she used a pseudonym and was "ordained" on the St. Lawrence Seaway last year. She resigned when this became known. The article from the front page of the Globe.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Authentic Religious

Nuns in Burlington, Vermont.

Don't ever search for "Nuns" on google images if you can help it. Most of the pictures either profane religious sisters or worse. But I did find this wonderful website with pictures of Sisters from all over the world and most of the pictures are 75-50 years old. A nice website to show your daughters. Hint. Hint.

It was this article in the Boston Globe
that sent me looking for images. Upshot- older nuns are retiring and there isn't enough money to take care of them. The moral is once again how awful the Catholic Church is and now they won't even take care of retired sisters. Sigh. I haven't seen any homeless nuns so somehow I think they are going to be okay.

I knew of only two religious sisters growing up in Vermont- no,not these two. They wore polyester pantsuits and lived in an apartment. It was all very progressive... and boring. But there are still a few good sisters around.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Man and Wife: Demonstrating the Ideal

Since marriage seems to be such a riveting topic, I thought I would excerpt this passage from a book I'm reading, Teta, Mother and Me by Jean Said Makdisa. It is a book about 3 generations of women in a prominent Lebanese family.

In the chapter entitled, Men, Women, Girls and Boys I read:

From the beginning of my life my father was held up to me as the ideal man, and it became clear to me that it was my duty to honour and uphold this manhood. Indeed, what it meant to be 'a man' was a leitmovitv of our moral education. When Daddy died, decades after the time I am writing about, Mother wanted Mark Antony's eulogy of Brutus from Julius Caesar read at his funeral. She often quoted the lines and applied them to him:

His life was gentle, and the elements
So mix'd in him that Nature might stand up
And say to all the world "This was a man!'

At the same time, a generous reciprocity caused him to represent my mother to me, and to my sisters, as the ideal woman, on whose example we would do well to model our lives. If this sort of gender idealism sounds quaintly old-fashioned today and even faintly amusing, if not downright reprehensible, I am not sure that it was such a totally bad thing. The manhood that my father represented had nothing whatever to do with the emptily macho or the physically brutal or repressive; quite the contrary. The word as it came down to me suggests gentleness, goodness, consideration, thoughtfulness, tenderness, kindness, loyalty, determination, and above all the physical and moral courage that allows a man to stand up to powerful and wrong-doing oppressors.

In how many marriages is this type of respect demonstrated for the children, the inlaws and the outside world? How different would homes be that had parents like this? I grew up in a family where my father was always held in respect. I absolutely cringe when I see husbands or wives who treat one another or address one another disrespectfully. I would happily go back to the time when husbands and wives addressed one another as Mr. and Mrs.

The picture above is from the movie Emma and besides being a perfect movie to demonstrate proper, respectful courtship this scene is memorable because after Mr. Knightley has professed his intentions Emma responds by saying that, "Now I no longer need call you Mr. Knightley, I may call you my Mr. Knightley."

Monday, July 24, 2006

Sentire Cum Ecclesia

St. Ignatius of Loyola who coined the phrase, "Think with the mind of the Church" was mentioned in our sermon this Sunday. I was unfamiliar with this quote and with the help of a friend discovered this Rules for Thinking with the Church that are part of the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises.

I noticed that the blog Pontifications had posted these Rules and they had inspired all sorts of dismay from neo-cons. In a twisted sort of way it was amusing to read. The major complaint seemed to be that Ignatius was expressing our relationship to God as a "servile" one. That just doesn't jive with us as a "Resurrection" people who bow our knee to no one.

We have a distinct choice. Do we say "Fiat"? or "Non serviam"? Think of it as one of those books where you choose the ending. See where it takes you.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

For Once and For All.

"Are not my words like fire and like a hammer that breaketh the rock in pieces?" Jeremiah 23:29 Quoted by St. Athanasius

From the comments section:

Anonymous said...

Sin is sin, Mary. And some of what you have written has crossed over into the sins derision and detraction (the description of these sins are very clear). Detraction.
Making known the sins of our neighbour, with the intention of injuring his character and/or spreading scandal. Your post on Milingo did this. (Note, I am not saying I agree with Milingo's action, I don't).

Derision: Mocking at another is intended to put him to shame. Again, the Milingo post and the tone of some of the other posts

Usually I would not address something so elementary especially when it is posted by a person who choses to hide his wonderful holiness behind the label "Anonymous". Truly if one is well meaning, honorable and honest they should not be ashamed to stand behind what they say. But it is not the lack of courage or courtesy that I wish to address but the complete lack of common sense.

I see this slanderous accusation made on blogs when a commenter is losing the argument. They cannot respond adequately (usually because they have no idea what they are talking about) and rather than admit the obvious they bring out the mudslinging terms- detraction, rash judgment and now derision.

First of all, I did not make the sins of Bishop Milingo known to others. Bishop Milingo called a press conference. Bishop Milingo gave statements to the press with the express intention of having his errors published, proclaimed and made widely known. He is now rallying priests who have left the priesthood to marry to assert their rights to continue as priests. And I think you are forgetting (or omitting) something in your definition of detraction- it is making know the hidden faults of another.

Secondly, I am far from mocking what Bishop Milingo has done. I take it deadly seriously. He is in a state of mortal sin. Worse still he is attempting to draw others into his errors. There is nothing funny about the possibility of someone losing their salvation. But of course that would require one actually believing that you can in fact go to hell.

We are the Church Militant, however currently unpopular that term is. We are to pray as if all depends on God and act as if all depends on us. That does not mean standing by with a pollyanna attitude that everything is wonderful while souls are descending into hell like snowflakes. (according to Our Lady of Fatima).

I read this quote in an article by Thaddeus J. Kozinski in Latin Mass Magazine yesterday. It reminded me of this argument and this attitude that we are to pretend all is well.

"For the general public is being reduced to a state where people not only are unable to find out the truth but also become unable to search for the truth because they are satisfied with deception and trickery that have determined their convictions, satisfied with a fictitious reality created by design through the abuse of language." Josef Pieper

St. Athanasius was the hammer of heretics, St. James slayed the Moors, Our Lord drove the moneylenders from the temple. I wonder why when everything was just fine. The Da Vinci Code- who cares, just don't expose the faults of Ron Howard, abuse of children- doesn't matter, just avoid scandal, women being "ordained" as priests- just send them a valentine, diocesan sex education- be obedient, Terri Schiavo being starved to death- don't condemn Michael- we can't judge his heart.

Friday, July 21, 2006

St. Lawrence of Brindisi, a Man for His Time

Today is the feast of St. Lawrence of Brindisi born in 1559 in Lisbon, Portugal. During his life time St. Lawrence preached to and baptized numerous Jews, led a victorious army as the Imperial Chaplain against 80,000 muslims bearing only a crucifix, established convents in Vienna, Prague and Graz, inspite of opposition from heretics and converted many heretics especially in Germany. St. Lawrence is a doctor of the Franciscan order. The author of sermons and several treatises against Luther.

I'm glad that St. Lawrence didn't live now because he would have nothing to do. Islam is the religion of peace, war is always wrong, the Jews are our elder brothers in the Faith and not in need of conversion and correcting and condemning heretics is now rash judgment. Amazing how things change in just a few hundred years.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Saw This Coming....

From innocence to:


When Charlotte Church first became famous for her Traditional Catholic music I was thrilled that a modest, talented, Catholic young lady was setting a standard for the music industry. I happily bought 2 of her cds- Voice of An Angel and Dream a Dream. When her third CD came out with her posing nude on the cover I knew it was over. Well Lifesite breaks this story that Ignatius Press is discontinuing carrying her music because of her blasphemous and irreverent behavior on a television show. Disappointing but not terribly surprising. Let's hope she has a change of heart.

The problem:

The pilot for The Charlotte Church Show was recorded before a live audience on July 12 in London. During the show, the hostess Charlotte Church, dressed as drug-using nun, smashed open a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary revealing a hidden can of cider, and spoke about worshipping “St. Fortified Wine.” Along the same vein of comic blasphemy, the pop diva pretended to hallucinate while consuming communion wafers branded with Ecstasy smiley faces, and denigrated Pope Benedict XVI as a “Nazi”, even though she had performed for the late Holy Father, John Paul II, when she was a 12 year-old girl.

In an official statement, Ignatius Press stated, “It is with regret that we do this; Miss Church possesses a great gift from God, and in the past she has used her talent often to offer praise and glory to our Lord.” While Ignatius Press praised the sacred music Charlotte had done in the past, they said, “We cannot stand by a young woman who uses her stature in the media to mock the Eucharist, slander the Holy Father, and denigrate the vows of religious women. Therefore, our catalogs and website will immediately withdraw all compact discs, cassette tapes, DVDs and VHS tapes that feature Miss Church. Please join us in praying for this troubled young woman.”

The Holy Father visits the St. Bernards

I had been looking for this picture since I first read yesterday that the Holy Father had crossed the border into Switzerland to visit the Kennels of the Augustinian Fathers where the St. Bernard dogs have been raised for 100s of years.

As the owner of this breed of gentle giant I have to say there is no better nor more loyal dog.

My thanks to the blog In Nomine Domini.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Liturgical Abuses

The Inquisitor Generalis noted an interesting admission from the Head of the Congregation for Divine Worship, Archbishop Ranjith. To read some of the comments on this blog I was ready to conclude that I could emerge from my self imposed Traditional ghetto as illicit Masses and other liturgical abuses were nearly unheard of. Sadly this does not seem to be the experience of the Congregation. The relevant quote from CWNews:

"Every day, the archbishop [Abp. Ranjith] disclosed, the Congregation for Divine Worship receives new complaints about serious liturgical abuses, and complaints that local bishops have failed to correct them. If the Church fails to curb these abuses, he said, "people will attend the Tridentine [sic] Mass, and our churches will be empty."

But I still can't figure out what to do with Catholics who actually enjoy this type of buffoonery:

Milingo Update

...or a little salt in the wound. I ask myself as I read this- why is it that Rome does not know what is going on with Bishop Milingo? According to this article in the National Catholic Reporter in an exclusive interview with Bishop Milingo, Milingo has written to the Holy Father and apprised him of his actions and beliefs.

I also found this blog that has a very complete post on Milingo with lots of useful links. Fr. Joe is here.

According to Zenit, the Legionaire's news site:

ZENIT - The World Seen From Rome

Date: 2006-07-13

Holy See Comments on Archbishop Milingo

VATICAN CITY, JULY 13, 2006 ( Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo is again in the news, this time reportedly to campaign for a change in Church discipline on priestly celibacy.

The Vatican issued a statement today, saying: "The Holy See has not yet received precise news on the purpose of the trip to the United States of Monsignor Emmanuel Milingo, archbishop emeritus of Lusaka, Zambia.

"However, if the statements attributed to him about ecclesiastical celibacy are true, there would be no alternative but to deplore them, the discipline of the Church in this respect being well known," concluded the brief communiqué.

On his return to the Catholic Church at the request of Pope John Paul II in August 2001, Archbishop Milingo, native of Zambia, acknowledged that, having gone through a crisis, he sought recognition for his work in the "Moon" sect.

A few months earlier in that year, he had entered a supposed marriage -- not recognized by the Catholic Church -- with Maria Sung, in Korean Reverend Sung Myug Moon's "Federation of the Family for World Peace and Unification."

Today, the Italian newspaper Avvenire reported that, after a few weeks of not knowing Monsignor Milingo's whereabouts, he appeared on Wednesday in Washington.

According to the Italian Catholic newspaper, the prelate said at a press conference that he has gone back to Maria Sung, that he has met again with Moon himself and that he is contesting priestly celibacy.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Crime and punishment

In the debate on the SSPX and the sanctions that have been enacted against them by Rome several detractors stated that NEVER will you find a priest or Bishop who blatantly defied Rome and was not corrected or excommunicated.

Well I offer you exhibit 1A:

Bishop Emmanuel Milingo of Zambia, Africa. Bishop Milingo, as you may remember married a woman named Maria in 2001 and went AWOL. They made a lovely couple don't you think? For this Bishop Milingo was not punished, censored or excommunicated. Bishop Milingo was welcomed back to Rome and retained his status as Bishop. Maria was sent away quietly. In 2003, Bishop Milingo went back to Africa in defiance of the Vatican. Again, there were no consequences.

About a month ago Bishop Milingo again vanished
and his whereabouts were unknown. He has resurfaced in Washington, D.C. and held a press conference calling for the Church to end its discipline of celibacy for priests.

What will it take for the Vatican to correct him? Suspend him? Sanction him?

Seems that as long as Bishop Milingo does not make the mistake of saying the Latin Mass he will be fine, and recognized as fully in union with Rome unlike the nefarious, the devious, the contemptible priest of the SSPX.

It will be interesting if this post generates the same level of vitriol and condemnation. Somehow I don't think it will.

Obedience, remember, obedience.

Know They Neighbor instead of Love Thy Neighbor

Homosexuals, famous for their tolerance and compassion, are now the perpetrators of a hate crimes in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Ironic when they are probably the ones who campaigned and organized the most intensely to get those laws on the books. You know the laws, the ones that tell us how to think. But have no fear, though they are perpetrating hate crimes against Jamaicans and straight people, the police won't prosecute them. So it's all good.

This article in the Boston Globe mentions the incidents- Jamaicans being subjected to racial slurs and straight people being called breeders.

More interestingly, the article describes a group called that is "outing" the the opponents of gay "marriage". The names and addresses of those who signed petitions opposing gay marriage are being posted on the internet website so that homosexual rights activists can target them for hate.

The article specifically mentions the Catholic Church, a warning shot over the bow if you will:

The names of 43 Provincetown residents are listed on the website. Most of the petition signers attend St. Peter the Apostle Catholic Church, which serves the Portuguese community and others in town. The Catholic Church has helped lead the fight against same-sex marriage.

One St. Peter's parishioner, Yvonne Cabral, was verbally accosted last Friday by Provincetown Magazine publisher Rick Hines after Hines learned that Cabral signed the petition, according to police.

Now the point of this article is not to expose the hypocrisy of the homosexual activists who are trying to intimidate those who don't support gay marriage and Jamaicans, remember this IS the Boston Globe. No, the point of the article is to warn the Catholic Church that it is in the sights of the activists and they will not rest until the Church has been silenced or destroyed in Massachusetts.

Remember that St. Peter the Apostle Church just burned down in January - a very strange coincidence if you ask me. Especially when has a special webpage dedicated to the sponsors of the petition. The Catholic Church receives special mention.. Found here.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Followup to Flesh of My Flesh

In the previous post there were interesting comments about the article by Dr. Peter Chojnowski. To illustrate the importance of the article I am going to highlight some quotes of especial interest that I think make the case for why this article had to be written:

One commenter wrote that the last thing we need is a man telling women how to be women. Well if we didn't have 4400 babies killed a day by abortion and all the other attendant evils of feminism I might I might agree with you. What do you think of this quote:

A husband's constitutional helplessness in the face of his wife's desire to abort their unborn child is one of the gravest manifestations of his legal and social castration.

Overall I thought the article was about MEN and not women. It was demonstrating the massive and awesome responsibility that men have to society and the family. This section of what should occur with courtship and dating especially stood out for me because it just doesn't happen anymore. Women are running after men, trying to make up their minds for them and passive men wake up one day and find themselves married, strong men can't find a woman who won't throw herself at him first.

The quote:

Just as it was the male's place to work to establish the nascent relationship by indicating interest and by struggling to win the affections of the female, who should only reciprocate interest if he struggles in a manly way to get her attention so too must he be the one, in the social and economic ventures of the family are to suceed, who injects his ideas, talents, labors into both family life and the civic order.

I should say too that I don't see the role of raising childen, homemaking and being a wife as inferior or of less importance than manly endeavor. I think if you have that view perhaps subconsciously you will be offended by these statements.

And to the lady who objected to the article because the author lectured for the Society of Pius X I would say that if the Jews are our "elder brothers" and the Protestants are our "separated brethern" then surely there must be a place for the SSPX.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Flesh of My Flesh

Fascinating article on the role of men and women, philosophical but simply presented- in other words even I could understand it.

Dr. Peter Chojnowski, professor on Flesh of My Flesh.

Friday, July 07, 2006

The USCCB batting 1000

Diogenes points out another problematic movie review by the USCCB. In case there are any Catholics out there who are still guided by the movie reviews, and judging from the Harry Potter question there are a lot out there, here you go.

The title of the movie is "Loverboy". It's list of questionable elements:

Promiscuity, some brief sexual encounters, artificial insemination, partial rear and upper female nudity, breastfeeding, some crude language, an act of animal cruelty, suicide, and murder attempt.

This film is rated L for limited adult audience. Naturally those who would oppose the breastfeeding I imagine.

From Brokeback Mountain to The Passion of the Christ to Loverboy, at least they are consistent, though consistently wrong.The entire review is here.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

What's Wrong with Harry Potter?

What's wrong with Harry Potter? After all they are all in harmless fun. Mildly entertaining and they are getting kids to read. And that is the important thing right? How can they be so appealing if they are truly evil?

These are the defenses that I hear from people who quite self-defensively promote reading the Harry Potter series. There are several objections. The first is aesthetic- the books are banal, poorly written and the American versions specfically "dumbed down" for our public school educated audience. I wouldn't lower myself but that is the snobby English major in me talking.

Morally is where the real problem lies and is the only reason that ANYONE cares who is reading Harry Potter. We hear they are appealing and therefore cannot be evil. When we made our Baptism vows we promised to avoid the "glamour of evil". So if evil were not glamourous it would not tempt us. That argument is easily dismissed. We cannot rely upon whether something is good based upon our feelings about it. I could easily convince myself to eat an entire box of chocolates. After all, food is good for you and nourishing, chocolate is high in iron and the box was a gift so it must be good to do show my appreciation in such a dramatic way? Feelings are no basis for anything except concern and suspicion. Our dedication to the good must be objective and overcome our inclinations.

There is the small matter of the subject of the books. After all they are about sorcery and witchcraft right? The sorcery does not represent grace as it does in the Lord of the Rings, written by the very devout J.R.R. Tolkien. Sorcery in Harry Potter represents power, and specifically power over "muggles" the normal, average people. In the Lord of the Rings, the normal people (or hobbits their representatives) are the means by which God shows his grace. The humans become conduits of His grace and cooperate with His divine plan. In Harry Potter the only plan is Harry's revenge. A bit of a difference, no?

In this article, the greatest threat or obstacle to evanglizing people with the Truth is sorcery and witchcraft. Strange to us who don't really believe in evil or sorcery and that is why we do not have the proper fear of books like Harry Potter. We think we are superior to them and any appeal they hold. These evangelists understand that this is not the case and witness the playing out of the battle between good and evil for souls. This article further explains that the Holy Father is on record as saying that the Harry Potter books are a type of seduction to evil. Fr. Gabriel Amorth, Rome's chief excorcist who believes very much in evil agrees. But what do they know?

There is also the consideration of what do you want to dwell upon in your mind? What is pure, godly, salvific, encouraging? Or what is evil masquerading as good? Women used to labor over their embroidery samplers that contained a pious verse, sing hymns while they worked, read the Bible on Sundays. Haven't we fallen very far indeed when our entertainment is watching Inside Edition, reading People magazine and watching sitcoms on TV? When you acclimate yourself to evil by immersing yourself in it you lose your ability to protect yourself from it. And you cannot advance spiritually.

I often think of the Bible verse, "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." A good sentiment that rallies one to righteousness.

Boys Will Be Boys- Let Them

A must read for summer, "The Dangerous Book for Boys".

The Dangerous Book for Boys by the British brothers Conn and Hal Iggulden is a practical manual that returns boys to the wonder and almost lost world of tree houses and pirate flags. It celebrates the art of teaching an old mutt new tricks and accepts skinned knees as an acceptable risk for running through fields with the same dog yapping along.

As of July 3, The Dangerous Book is the number one seller on Amazon UK and it is holding steady at about 7,000 on Amazon in the U.S., where it was published on June 5. The Australian News reports that the book "has made it to the top five of…Amazon [Australia], after just a week."

Those results make publishers take notice. But social commentators are also reacting with both applause and condemnation.

Condemnation arises because The Dangerous Book breaks the dominant and politically correct stereotype for children's books. It presents boys as being deeply different than girls in terms of their interests and pursuits. Although it is highly probable that bookstores will sell the book to girls who then will go on to practice skimming stones, nevertheless the genders are separated within the book's pages.

The authors clearly believe that the majority of children interested in learning to build a catapult are boys. Girls are included only through a final chapter in which boys are admonished to treat them with respect.


The brothers state, "In this age of video games and mobile phones, there must still be a place for knots, tree-houses and stories of incredible courage." They advise children to "play sport of some kind. It doesn't matter what it is, as long as it replaces the corpse-like pallor of the computer programmer with a ruddy glow."

Their vision is not utopian or even impractical. For example, a tree house requires only a blueprint, some scrap lumber and a willing parent. The latter requirement turns The Dangerous Book into something more than a work for boys. It is also a guide for parents, especially for fathers who wish to establish an old-fashioned connection with their children.

Indeed, since parents purchase most children's books, it is reasonable to assume that the run-away success of The Dangerous Book is partly due to their longing for a better connection.

One father describes his experience with the book, "I gave it to my 11-year-old son Charles and his friend…Then I stood well back." Raised on The Lord of the Rings, "they immediately turned to the section of the book that showed them how to create their own Legolas-style archery kit, using bits of old branch no longer needed by the Ents. When they began stripping the bark off with a big, shiny, sharp-bladed Swiss Army knife, I had to dig down deep in order to ignore the parental risk-ometer readings that were going off the scale, accompanied by vivid flash-forwards of the inevitable long, bloodstained-bandaged hours ahead in casualty."

Happily, the only injury was to evildoers who lurked in the garden shrubbery.

These days, the news about boys is not happy and often contains the word 'crisis.' The Education Sector, a non-profit think tank, offers a typical description of the perceived 'crisis' within education.

"After decades spent worrying about how schools 'shortchange girls,' the eyes of the nation's education commentariat are now fixed on how they shortchange boys. In 2006 alone, a Newsweek cover story, a major New Republic article, a long article in Esquire, a 'Today' show segment, and numerous op-eds have informed the public that boys are falling behind girls in elementary and secondary school and are increasingly outnumbered on college campuses."

Society is awakening to the possibility that boys have been disadvantaged. In past decades, what it means to be a boy has been redefined, deconstructed, reconstructed, politically analyzed and mathematically modeled. In the process, the meaning of being a boy's father has become jumbled as well.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Black Legend

On the 4th of July it makes an interesting contrast to see how the Catholic country of Spain, ruled by Queen Isabella colonized what is now the United States and South America and how the English governed their settlements.

From this essay that appeared in Free Republic:

For almost 500 years there has been a campaign of defamation against the legacy of Spain in America. It is sad to find that this lack of historical perspective, along with an entrenched Hispanophobia, has been going on for centuries in the Anglo-Saxon countries and consequently has brought about a subconscious, almost automatic, rejection of Hispanic values. According to historian Dr. Powell: “Jaundiced views of the Hispanic world are taught very early in our schools and they are thoroughly inculcated by the time we enter college and university...The standard simplistic version of Spanish rule in America as a slavocracy, filled with tyranny, looting, bleeding taxation, and suffocating obscurantism, does not conform to the facts.” (1) (*) This attitude, based upon prejudices and ignorance, is damaging the image of the Hispanics in this country. Sometimes the Hispanics themselves, either by action or omission or simply because they were not aware of the truth of their history, have contributed to demean their own heritage.

Dr. Philip Wayne Powell, Emeritus Professor of history at the University of California, in his research on the "Black Legend" titled the “Tree of Hate” , (a book that every Hispanist should read) asserts that the study of 16th century Europe clearly reveals the universal pattern of cruelty, intolerance, and inhumanity which characterized the social, religious, and economic life throughout the continent...Examples of this were the reigns of Elizabeth I of England and her successor James I which were known for their most barbarous cruelty. However, Dr. Powell affirms "that the Spain of the conquest period was a deeply civilized nation by all discernible European standards of that day, ...In jurisprudence, diplomacy, monarchical, religious and imperial concepts, and total culture, Spain was a European leader throughout the sixteen century and in much of the next.” (2) (*)

To Summarize some of Spain's Accomplishments:

-Queen Isabella the Catholic took the Indians under her protectsion considering them subjects of the Spanish Crown.

-Fr. Bartolome de Las Casas, the Protector of the Indian and the first prophet of human rights in America.

- Pope Paul III declared that the Indian should not be deprived of their liberty or the possession of their property, eventhough they were outside the faith of Jesus Christ.

- The University of Salamanca and the College of San Gregorio of Valldolid, recognized the Indian's rights to keep their own laws and territories.

- Emperor Charles V (grandson to Isabella) reaffrimed the prohibition of the Indian's slavery.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Inspired Traditionalist

A new Traditional Blog- The Inspired Traditionalist by Ginny.

Her page has a beautiful quote from St. Ambrose:

"Ignorance is no excuse when we have neglected to learn what we are obliged to know."