Friday, March 20, 2009

For the Record

Over the weekend I saw the news article about now Catholic Randy Terry and his trip to Rome. His goal seemed to be a publicity stunt aimed at trying to get Bishop Wuerl and Bishop Loverde removed because they will not refuse Communion to pro-abortion politicians.

[And because that is usually the way it works, lay people fly to Rome, call the press, demand to see Bishops and then dictate the terms of what they want.]

A very fine goal I am sure: you can send your contributions here.

However, my skepticism about Randy Terry given his track record prevents me from being too enthusiastic and I thought no more about this until... I received the following email this morning from Mr. Joseph Landry:

Randall Terry's previous marriage was annulled by the Roman Catholic Church. If you know what an annulment is then no further explanation is necessary and I request the removal of your slanderous and calumnious remarks. If you are not Catholic I would be happy to explain an annulment to you.
God Bless,
Joseph Landry

The name Joseph Landry struck a faint chord and then I remembered he was one of the "pilgrims" that accompanied Randy Terry to Rome.

I wasn't sure what blog post Mr. Landry meant but I found this that I wrote upon the article by the National Catholic Register about Randy Terry entering the Church.

When I first read the email from Mr. Landry I wondered, "Have you considered working for the Legionary's? They could really use someone like you. And something tells me they pay better."

But on to my "caluminous statement" about poor maligned Randall Terry. The facts are thus (however you will not read them in the National Catholic Register). Randall and Cindy Terry were married for 19 years and had 5 children. When Randall was running for office he met a 22 year old woman who was a campaign aide and I guess they "fell in love". Randall's protestant church censured and sanctioned him and rightly so I must say. Apparently to them it was obvious that 1. God hates divorce 2. Abandoning your wife and 5 children is wrong since the man who will not care for his family is worse than a nonbeliever. 3. Cindy and he WERE actually married.

Now we fast forward to the present where Randall Terry is remarried to Andrea and apparently with the seal of approval of the Catholic Church. Well, even though it's Lent permit me to say it, "Glory Hallelujah". Congratulations Randy on receiving a declaration of nullity. Tough luck Cindy but maybe you can find someone to marry- oh but after 19 years of marriage and five kids, maybe not so much. Well at least her protestant Church stood by her and condemned the divorce and abandonment. And more the pity that the Catholic Church did not do the same.

Randall Terry remains a controversial figure for many reasons.

His fundraising and financial dealings
for example have been a cause of concern as well as the family values he has attempted to promote which have not borne fruit in his own life.

I will be happy to make the correction that Randall Terry has indeed received a declaration of nullity for his 19 year marriage to Cindy.


NCTradCatholic said...

Wow, that's quite a revelation. I never knew that about Terry. A perfect illustration of why the pro-life movement in this country is FAILING miserably, i.e., because it is not Catholic. It is silent on divorce, and, more disturbingly, on contraception, which always leads to abortion (as Fr. Paul Marx, the founder of Human Life International, demonstrated). Why is it silent on these issues, which are inseparable from abortion? Because we don't want to offend our "separated bretheren", who disagree with us on these issues. (I commend Terry's former sect who took a more Catholic stand on his divorce than did that diocesan tribunal.) We perceive the fight against infanticide in secular/temporal terms, so we think we need the support of members of false religions in order to win the battle. But we are wrong. We only need God's help, and we will not obtain it by compromising with false religions.

Dr. James Dobson's endorsement of New Gingrich (currently on his third "wife") for president is another example of the futility of a non-Catholic approach to the pro-life cause. If we are praying for an end to abortion but not praying for the conversion of our country to the one holy Catholic faith, we are spinning our wheels! There isn't one pro-life protestant country in the world. Most of them legalized infanticide even before we did. The only way America will ever again protect the life of the unborn is by becoming Catholic! All Catholic pro-life activists need to understand this. How did the early Catholics end legalized abortion in the Roman empire? By praying and dying for the conversion of their countrymen to the true faith.

The presence of false clergy from various false religions leading public prayer (which Catholics are forbidden to participate in) at the National Rally for Life in Washington in January is, unfortunately, part of the problem. At this year’s rally, Rabbi Yahuda Levin, for whom I have much respect, was quoting from the Kaballah! You know, Madonna’s favorite book, with occult contributions from the Egyptians and Babylonians? Rabbi Levin might agree with Catholics on divorce and contraception, but I’ll bet at least some of the protestant preachers who were up there with him do not. The rally organizer, Miss Nellie Gray, a Catholic veteran of the civil rights movement, tried in 1973 to get our bishops to stand up with her and lead prayer at the rally. What did our shepherds do? They left her out in the cold! Too much in bed with the democrats, perhaps. So with the Vatican 2 false ecumenism already solidifying itself within the Church, Miss Gray felt she had no choice but to enlist the false clergy from the various sects. Gradually the bishops did join her, and most of them don’t seem at all uncomfortable to be sharing the platform with leaders of false religions. And we wonder why we’ve had no success in 36 years?

Please, spare me the comments that I’m “judging” the individual adherents of false religions. We may march with them, we may vote with and even for them if necessary, but we must not pray with their false clergy, and we must not remain silent on crucial moral issues, especially those that directly contribute to the abomination of infanticide, out of fear of offending them. We can’t judge consciences, but Catholics can and must judge words, actions, and false creeds. Otherwise, how could we possibly keep the faith ourselves? The pro-life cause is much more a struggle against principalities and powers than was the civil rights movement, since the devil’s stakes are much higher in this fight than with the earlier cause. With such adversaries, how can we hope to win through compromise? A “Christian” pro-life movement will fail. An “ecumenical” pro-life movement will fail. Only a Catholic one will triumph. Vivat Christus Rex!

Thomas Shawn said...

NC -
Hadn't you heard? Dumping your wife and becoming Roman Catholic is all the rage. New Gingrich is the latest of this bunch.

This is the upside down word we live in. It is a diabolical disorientation. Recently had this experience with a twisted liberal, a childhood friend who claimed that I was "not Catholic" that I was a "medieval Catholic."

He was of the view that everybody goes to Heaven as long as they are good. My assertions of salvation flowing through Jesus and his bride th Church were met with scorn and derision, though a few choice selections quoted from the current Catechism, Vatican II, the Council of Trent, Pope Pius X and the current Pope quickly shut this person up.

- ts

M. Alexander said...

Well Thomas, if you have to be a Catholic I would say that being a medieval Catholic would be the very best kind!

What sickens me about these NewtGingrich/DealHudson/RandyTerry's is that we are supposed to shut up about the obvious and send them money for their twisted little schemes. Uh, no thanks.

NCTradCatholic said...

If I were Cherie Blair, I'd be pretty nervous!

Petrus said...
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M. Alexander said...

I thought about it and then thought about the hits I would get from people googling "Pl*yboy".

So thanks! LOL

Petrus said...


I can't believe that you didn't comment about his Pl*yb0y Magazine interview.*yb0yinterview.pdf

I'm so glad that we have converts to tell us what to do.

Oh right - I edited it.

mom v many said...

He is such a crazy who just likes attention.

Petrus said...

I bet that Joseph Landry is really happy that he asked you to rectify your statement about Randall Terry's marriage/divorce/non-marriage/re-marriage.

M. Alexander said...

I hope so Petrus.

I do pride myself on being fair.