Sunday, June 28, 2009

Family Day at Seven Hills

Today was Family Day at Seven Hills in Groton, MA. Seven Hills is a pediatric care center for children with complex medical needs. My oldest 4 have been volunteering there for about a month now and go on Saturdays to play games with the kids. Today was a special day with outside entertainment, moon walk, facepainting, live music, cake and raffles.

Andrew & Savannah. It got a bit chilly but Savannah was ready with her Cinderella fleece throw.

Rose and Nate

Me and Erin. How do you like her Barbie Superstar balloon?

Nathaniel and Brian, you can't tell in the picture but Brian was sporting some very cool Air Jordans and a #34 Pierce cap.

Blinky facepainting. I so wanted to get my face painted but I couldn't summon up the nerve.

If you are interested in volunteering or having your children volunteer you can contact the volunteer coordinator Arlene Howard at 978-448-3388 X 207 or by email at


bethalice said...

Oh come on... admit it! YOU are Blinky! LOL!

Seriously, your dc are awesome!

Bexo said...

You are so awesome and such a cool mom :-)

Anne R Triolo said...

that looks like a great experience for the kids Mary. I'm sure they are learning a ton!

M. Alexander said...

Hey Beth Alice,
I loved Binky's shoes... and admit it so did you!

Her rainbow eyelashes were pretty neat too!

You would be Blinky in a new york minute!

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Anonymous said...

Just wondering if you had permission from the families of these patients/clients to post photos of their kids on the Internet. There are some pretty strict privacy issues here, I think. Glad that your kids are volunteering, but it has only been a month. They are new to the scene, as it were. Just hope you got permission from the families or the facility.

Anonymous said...

Ah, that's very nice!

Brett said...

Well said anonymous. I am betting the families are not too happy about this. This is very interesting, from a philosophical perspective I mean. I bet liberals and conservatives feel very different about these pictures. I know how I feel about them, and you can probably guess what my position is.

M. Alexander said...

Hi Anonymous and Brett (aka Paul Anthony Melanson)

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Brett said...

Not sure who Paul Melanson is...but trust me, I am not he. I have viewed your blog from afar for some time now, and this post has finally given me cause to comment. That is all for now, but I am sure I will be back.