Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dog Mania

I can't stand the way dogs have replaced children in our society. I'm sure everyone knows the story of Mother Teresa going up to a baby carriage in London only to find the carriage contained not a baby but a dog!

The following just came through our freecycle list:

I am wanting to make my Chihuahua a few winter coats. Walmart has done away with all their flannel / fleece.
I wondered if anyone had about 2 yards of any print flannel or fleece. Also double wide seam binding.
Also any fabric remnants left overs would be great too - I could make her some dresses.

Thank You Very much.

Like Linus in Peanuts. "I can't stand it!"

And just think Halloween is coming:

In honor of the upcoming Feast day of St. Francis of Assisi, American Catholic has dedicated a significant portion of its website to "Pet Blessings in the U.S. and an editorial asserting that animals will go to heaven.

Good grief! Salvation for animals! What next? But I suppose it goes to the heresy of "universal salvation". After all animals are part of the universe.


Kindred Spirit said...

"...non mittendus canibus."

Heliodora said...

It truly is disgusting and perverse. There was a pet adoption promotion at local pet store recently, and I had a similar reaction when I heard about it on the radio. What was repulsive is that it took me several minutes to figure out that the people congratulating the adoptive parents on the new addition to their families, were actually talking about animals, not babies. The new parents could even attend one of several parenting classes being offered by local experts. Meanwhile, a brand new Planned Parenthood opened up not very far from us.
Dh also was privy to a conversation among his fellow soldiers who were lamenting how their dogs took up so much of their time and restricted their freedom. A sick society we live in.

Blanche said...

Animals are incapable of committing sin and are not in need of Christ's redemptive act. They return to Him because He spoke and they were created. And His words will never pass away.