Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Book Banned by Bully Ex-Husband

11 on My Own

COLUMBIA, Conn. — (May 12, 2010) Below is an abridged copy of a press-release to promote my book, 11 on My Own. This morning I received a phone call from the publisher claiming an email from my ex-husband threatening to sue them was going to halt publication on my book. They are not going to make it available for purchase until they can contact him on the phone and straighten out the situation. I was not served with papers, they were not served with papers, and a court of law has not ruled my book libelous. In fact, an attorney was consulted on my behalf before publication to ensure there were no issues of libel. I used my maiden name to publish, and I changed my ex-husband’s name, as well. There are no pictures of him included.

This book was doing extremely well in the three weeks since it had been released. It is factual and truthful, and the sole means of supporting the nine minor children I am still raising. One of the issues in the book was the fact that my ex-husband does not pay child support. Now I will not receive royalties, either.

In the world of reality television, producers and directors would have you believe that raising large families is one big, fun circus, perhaps laden with some pitfalls but somehow a fairytale nonetheless. Debut author Kristin Luscia candidly shares the realities of raising 11 children as a single, divorced mother in her new memoir, 11 on My Own (published by WestBow Press), a story that highlights her struggles, joys and journey towards renewal.

In 11 on My Own, Luscia provides a brief background about the choices she made in selecting men and chronicles the difficulties of enduring family court with her latest ex-husband, a controlling and manipulative man. In her memoir, she discusses her older children and how they contribute to the family. She tells of the trials she’s had in maintaining food, clothing and shelter without any support from her ex-husband or the court enforcing any orders. She also gives testament to her Catholic faith and how it has sustained her in the last 15 years.

Appealing to those who have witnessed a divorce and its trauma in their lives, 11 on My Own speaks to women who are in relationships with controlling, devious and selfish men, and it speaks to those women who see themselves as alone in the world. Luscia provides encouragement for women whose husbands have abandoned them with a larger than normal number of children.

About the Author

Kristin Luscia is a single, divorced, Catholic mother of 11 children who range in age from 4-years-old to 25. She earned her bachelor’s degree in English and is pursuing a master’s degree in dogmatic theology. Luscia has been a practicing Catholic for almost 15 years. She enjoys reading and spending time with her children, and writes on her blog about raising children as a single Catholic mother. This is her debut book.

About WestBow Press

WestBow Press is an alliance of Thomas Nelson, the world's premier Christian publisher, and Author Solutions, Inc. (ASI) - the world leader in the fastest-growing segment of publishing. They can be reached at 866-928-1240.



Oberon said...

Another example of the decay of marriage. You should be ashamed. What part of "until death us do part" don't you understand? The best you could do would be to separate from him. I pity your children without a male influence in the house.

Anonymous said...

That will make a worthy read when it's available.

Anonymous said...
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Paul said...

There has to be more to your story. Please, keep writing, even if only this blog!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Carl said...

I am sorry to hear that this has happened to you. I have followed your site for about a year and have enjoyed it. To extend hope in the world is always a good thing in any regard. It sounds as though your book did this. However,today the threat alone of a law suit is enough to forgo many endevors in the corperate world. I wish you and your family all the best.

M. Alexander said...

To those who kindly commented. I apologize for the confusion. This is not a book about or by me but by my friend Kristin. Kristin is raising 11 children alone after being abandoned by her husband. He got involved with another woman at work- that lasted about 5 months until she had him thrown in jail for stalking her.

Oberon- kindly refrain from attacks when you clearly do not know you are talking about.

The drama continues for this poor woman and she a blog of her own that you can follow:

Anonymous said...

It is so sad that there would be many more books if it were not for abusers having rights in this country. (Get him labeled as an abuser and stalker and then sue him for harassment and criminal intent)
All else fails move away and change your name.