Friday, December 20, 2013

Cancelling Christianity

In the wake of the GQ interview given by Phil Robertson, patriarch of the Duck Commander emotion has run high. In short Phil explained his Biblically based beliefs that homosexual behavior (not inclination for the millionth time) will prevent one from attaining heaven. Plenty of people believe this and even  some very influential people.

But Phil Robertson has something they haven't got. A #1 cable television show which was on track to become the most watched show of all time ever. And political clout.

Clearly he and the Robertson clan had to be stopped.

But what was at issue was not personal. It was not even political. It was an attempt to silence Christianity whenever it reared its ugly belief system that somewhere and somehow might make someone feel guilty.

This issue of whether or not Christians have to not only tolerate a lifestyle they do not believe but participate in it and condone it and never ever disagree with it is the crux of what is at stake.

And in the ultimate act of hypocrisy, A and E is airing the Duck Dynasty marathon as scheduled. Their fine sensibilities did not extend to cancelling the marathon. Not when there is money to be made.

Final thought- make sure when you purchase duck products this weekend that you get Duck Commander brand and not Duck Dynasty which is owned by the hypocritical A and E.

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