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Illegal Immigration and Sex Crimes

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The Dark Side of Illegal Immigration: Nearly One Million Sex Crimes
Committed by Illegal Immigrants in the United States

Copyright © 2006, Violent Crimes Institute

By Deborah Schurman-Kauflin, Ph.D. Violent Crimes Institute, Atlanta,


After conducting a 12 month in-depth study of illegal immigrants who
committed sex crimes and murders for the time period of January 1999
through April 2006 , it is clear that the U.S. public faces a dangerous
threat from sex predators who cross the U.S. borders illegally.

There were 1500 cases analyzed in depth. They included: serial rapes,
serial murders, sexual homicides, and child molestation committed by
illegal immigrants. Police reports, public records, interviews with police,
and media accounts were all included. Offenders were located in 36 states,
but it is clear, that the most of the offenders were located in states with
the highest numbers of illegal immigrants. California was number one,
followed by Texas, Arizona, New Jersey, New York, and Florida.

Based on population numbers of 12,000,000 illegal immigrants and the fact
that young males make up more of this population than the general U.S.
population, sex offenders in the illegal immigrant group make up a higher
percentage. When examining ICE reports and public records, it is consistent
to find sex offenders comprising 2% of illegals apprehended. Based on this
2% figure, which is conservative, there are approximately 240,000 illegal
immigrant sex offenders in the United States.

This translates to 93 sex offenders and 12 serial sexual offenders coming
across U.S. borders illegally per day. The 1500 offenders in this study had
a total of 5,999 victims. Each sex offender averaged 4 victims. This places
the estimate for victimization numbers around 960,000 for the 88 months
examined in this study.

Of the 1500 cases reviewed, 525 (35%) were child molestations, 358 (24%)
were rapes, and 617 (41%) were sexual homicides and serial murders. Of the
child molestations, 47% of the victims were Hispanic, 36% were Caucasian,
8% were Asian, 6% were African American, and 3% were other nationalities.
In most instances, the offenders were familiar with their victims. In fact,
82% of the victims were known to their attackers. The other 18% were
molested by strangers. In those instances, the illegal immigrants typically
gained access to the victims after having worked as a day laborer at or
near the victims̢۪ homes. Victims ranged in age from 1 year old to 13 years
old, with the average age being 6.

In rape cases, the offenders were less likely to know their victims. Only
64% of the victims knew their attackers. Furthermore, rape victims proved
to be more diverse than child molestation victims. Hispanic and Caucasian
victims were identical at 35% each.

The next most likely victims were African American women, and other
nationalities comprised the remainder. These women suffered brutal attacks.
Commonly, a weapon was used to control the victims. These weapons were most
often sharp instruments. And the victims were beaten during the rapes over
70% of the time. Offenders engaged in sodomy in 67% of the attacks, and
gang rape took place in .007% of the cases. Rape victims ranged in age from
16-79 and averaged age 23.

Serial rapists accounted for 3% of all illegal immigrant rapists. Each
serial rapist averaged 5 victims, with the number of victims ranging from 2
to 11. Two serial rapists were confirmed HIV positive, and another offender
had a venereal disease.

The murders were the worst of the sex crimes and were especially vicious.
The most common method was for an offender to break into a residence and
ambush his victims. Not only were victims raped, but some (6%) were
mutilated. The crime scenes were very bloody, expressing intense, angry
perpetrator personalities. Specifically, most victims were blitzed,
rendered incapable of fighting back, and then raped and murdered. The most
common method of killing was bludgeoning, followed by stabbing. Caucasians
were more likely to become victims of sexual homicide committed by illegal
immigrants. Hispanics were second, and African Americans were third.
Victims of sexual homicides averaged age 42. However, victims ranged in age
from 16-81.

Serial killers accounted for .005% of the sex crimes. The serial killers
averaged 9 victims per offender. Victim choice centered on victims the
offenders did not know. Each serial killer targeted men and women, but
females were higher, making up 73%. Illegal immigrant serial killers were
more likely to strike in the West and the Southern United States.

Victim socioeconomic status changed for each type of crime. Those who fell
victim to child molestation tended to be from a lower socioeconomic status
than those who were raped and those who were raped and murdered. In fact,
57% of those rape/murdered were from the upper middle class.

There was an especially disturbing finding that in 22% of all sex crimes
committed by illegal immigrants, victims with physical and mental
disabilities were targeted. These disabled victims were each under age 18.
In those cases, the perpetrators knew their victims.

The average age of illegal immigrants who were sex offenders was 27, but
they ranged in age from 16-69. Child molesters tended to be older,
averaging age 32. The average age of rapists was 26, and murderers averaged
age 28. There is a trend that these offenders are becoming younger. For
example, in 2006, the average age of sex offender illegal immigrants was
20. The highest number came from Mexico. El Salvador was the original home
to the next highest number of sexual offenders. Other countries of origin
included: Brazil, China, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Nicaragua,
Puerto Rico, Russia, and Vietnam.

They averaged 4 victims per offender. Nearly 63% had been deported on
another offense prior to the sex crime. There was an average of 3 years of
committing crimes such as DUI, assaults, or drug related offenses prior to
being apprehended for a sexual offense.

Alcohol and drug use seemingly played a large role in these crimes. In
fact, 81% of offenders were drinking or using drugs prior to offending.
Rapists and killers were more likely to use alcohol and drugs consistently
than child molesters.

Offenders had the use of a vehicle in 78% of the cases. However, the
vehicles were only owned by those offenders 54% of the time. In the other
instances, the offenders either borrowed or stole the vehicle.

Many offenders were unkempt in appearance and worked with their hands. They
were transient in that they went where work took them. Therefore, only 25%
were stable within a community. Further, in 31% of the crimes, the
offenders entered into the communities where they offended within 2 months
of the commission of their sex offenses. However, many, 79%, had been in
the U.S. for more than one year before being arrested for a sex crime, and
they were typically known to the Criminal Justice system for prior, less
serious offenses before they molested, raped, or murdered.

There was a trend to be single while offending, as only 23% were married at
the time of their crimes. Most were known to date quite a bit and have
derogatory views of females. Domestic violence was common as well, as
nearly half of those with spouses or significant others had a history of
domestic abuse.

Nearly 35% were considered religious and even more, 59% had been raised in
a religious home. Their work consisted of manual labor in industries such
as agriculture, construction, restaurant, and tourism. Residences were
rented and usually shared with several other illegal immigrants. Many were
partially bi-lingual with a preference for their native languages.

Education levels were typically low. Only 22% had graduated high school. As
such, there was a pattern of irresponsible, impulsive behavior in offender
backgrounds. Solutions to their problems entailed moving, i.e. running
away. Most simply ran to the southern U.S. border after being connected
with their sex offenses.

Illegal immigrants who commit sex crimes first cross the U.S. border
illegally. Then they gradually commit worse crimes and are continually
released back into society or deported. Those who were deported simply
returned illegally again. Only 2% of the offenders in this study has no
history of criminal behavior, beyond crossing the border illegally. There
is a clear pattern of criminal escalation. From misdemeanors such as
assault or DUI, to drug offenses, illegal immigrants who commit sex crimes
break U.S. laws repeatedly. They are highly mobile, work in low skilled
jobs with their hands, use drugs and alcohol, are generally promiscuous,
have little family stability, and choose victims who are easy to attack.
Their attacks are particularly brutal, and they use a hands-on method of
controlling and/or killing their victims.

Note: Nearly 30% of the victims were illegal immigrants themselves.The
remainder were U.S. citizens.


Madeline said...

Hi, Mary; This article is so good, I had to put it on my own web-site. :) Another disturbing thing is that the ACLU just filed a lawsuit against a city ordinance in Indiana that bars sex offenders from coming within 1000 feet of a playground or other gathering spot for children. I foung that post at guess you really can count on the ACLU to fight for the underdog. Are they ALL card carrying members of NAMBLA? I'm disgusted.

Thomas Shawn said...

It stands to reason. Why would a person who breaks immigration laws obey laws on sexual behavior?

In the case that I linked to in my blog (previously posted in DRUDGE), the illegal alien raped an infant in his own extended family!

Americans are being raped, murdered, assaulted, robbed by invaders.

I have a strong suspicion that legal immigrants have a lower rate of criminal behavior than US citizens.