Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Sex Ed Removed from Schools in Philippines after Church Protests

In the Philippines the Catholic Church protects the innocence of children.

In the Philippines under protest from the Catholic Church a pilot sex education program in the public schools has been discontinued by the government.

Just like in the United States.

Oh yeah.

Guess not. In the U.S. we can't even keep sex ed out of the CCD classes.


Jess said...

What a beautiful picture. Maybe when those kids grow up to be holy priests and nuns they can come here to evangelize. Heaven knows we'll need it!!!

Thomas Shawn said...

Bishops in the Philippines have huge problems! No, not their problematic boyfriends or mounting lawsuits on their dioceses ... it is what to do with all the seminarians!

The parishes overflow at Mass. Typical city parishes have upwards to 7 Masses per Sunday. Smaller towns have chapels everywhere where the church bell is always within earshot.

I'm counting the days until my retirement there.