Friday, July 28, 2006

Breaking- Boston Archdiocesan Employee "Ordained"

An employee of the Boston Archdiocese admitted she used a pseudonym and was "ordained" on the St. Lawrence Seaway last year. She resigned when this became known. The article from the front page of the Globe.


Madeline said...

I certainly hope she's not celebrating the TLM... that would be wrong.

On the serious side, Ms. Marchant said, "I'm leaving myself open to whatever possibility comes along."

Well, sweety, you've "opened" yourself up to a whole hell of a lot of possibilities. [Every meaning intended.]

Anonymous said...

This year, I did not give to the bishop's annual appeal because of this type of situation.

How sad. In last Sunday's Gospel, Our Lord pitied the crowd because they were like sheep without a shepherd. Seems the same may be applicable today.

Anonymous said...

Is that a goat head on the sleve of her shirt? I recognize the name of that women. What I can't understand ( or can, unfortunately) why it took her letter of resignation to the Diocese for them to realize she was a bad apple. If she didn't decide to resign, she would still be there, in the Diocese. Typical in Delaware

Thomas Shawn said...

I blew up the photo and it looks like some sort of horned head dress thingy sort samurai-like .. or worse.

The "ordinands" claimed they had the support of several Bishops.

I wonder which ones?

Stephen said...


Nice parody Mary, you're satire is getting really sharp!

oh wait...

What a dope this woman is

Anonymous said...

This is going on all over, especially in the very liberal orders of nuns.My Sister is a nun and she is not obedient to the holy father and many in her order celebrate mass and they call the holy spirit sophia. Check out the website woman church convergence.
my sister is with Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary these women have chosen to conduct themselves under the "guise of religious women.

Lee said...

Man, her photo pretty much says it all! Just notice that smug look!
NOT very representative of the humility which these ladies are forgetting should be an important part of any TRUE vocation.
Do the advocates of women's ordination really want someone like this to demonstrate how good it would be for all of us?