Tuesday, February 05, 2008


It sounds like fruit. It sounds like juice. It sounds like smooch! It sounds like fun!

I was asked to have my kids sample this new organic drink. At first I thought it was going to be one of those powdered mixes that you have to mix painstakingly into water or milk and no matter how much you mix you still have lumps.

It's not.

It comes in the only container known to preschoolers- the sacred juice box.

The kids sampled pear, cherry and peach flavors and while there were 9 juice boxes in the morning they were all gone by noon. The ingredients are organic and nutritious. You can order all you want right here.

Now, normally I am a suspicious person. I remember the story of Nestle convincing African women to formula feed and the devastating impact that had. I remember the Gerber food scandals when it was discovered that those little jars had fillers and almost no nutrition in them. And that's why it is so exciting to see a product with things like brown rice as an ingredient. Imagine all the nutritious properties of brown rice without your kids even knowing what they are doing.

Keep them ignorant that's what I say!

Now I haven't checked my supermarket yet to see if they carry them but I will and if they don't I will ask for them. (On the hunt for the Froose Moose!) These will be perfect for trips this summer. You know how lousy you feel after a few days of "road food." What an opportunity to have nutrition so near at hand. So conveniently packed. And so willingly eaten by our innocent and unsuspecting kids.

Innocence is a wonderful thing. Especially when we can manipulate it to our own happy ends.

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