Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Natural Superwoman

Available from Amazon.

As soon as I heard about this book I was very interested in reading it.

I know that when I watch my diet, eat healthy and possibly even exercise (which alas means moving away from the computer)I feel better, so much better that I vow to continue it but my good intentions usually fall by the wayside.

The book addresses four topics:

1. The Natural Superwoman Lifestyle
2. What Bioidentical Hormones do for the Natural Superwoman
3. Natural Superwoman Strategies for Balancing Mood
4. Living Disease-Free as a Natural Superwoman

Why wait to find out why you are tired, achy, feeling depressed or overwhelmed?

In many cases, if you're functioning at a less than ideal level in one of your four key areas (nutrition, hormones, mind and mood and activity), chances are that's the way it has been throughout your life. Many symptoms go untreated (or can develop)until they build and a larger system malfunction develops. At this time, you may discover all sorts of untreated symptoms and glitches. But why wait? Why not address the glitch and become more efficient at any age?

There is even a chapter on "Relieving Stress". This is why I need this book. That evening glass of wine only goes so far. There are also chapters on Anxiety, Depression, Insominia. Most women experience one or all of these at some time in their lives.

And even more importantly than our own health, this is a good book to have for a mother with daughters. This will equip you to monitor their health, establish good habits and help your daughters become natural superwomen.

I think this is a book that will become essential. Keep it right next to the Bible, the Douay Rheims of course ;).

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