Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's Always Nice to hear from readers....

I received this rather charming letter today about my post concerning the girl who wanted to bring another girl to the prom. I have censored some of the ahem, adjectives but I don't think anything is lost.

I currently live in a state where being Southern Baptist is the chosen path. I continue to look back and appreciate my Catholic experience at Bishop Feehan and being raised in North Attleboro. I continue to respect and take pride in the beliefs of being a Catholic in the North Eastern States of the United States of America.

I recently read the blogs regarding the girl who wanted to accompany another girl to the prom at Bishop Feehan High. I personally think you are a ****ing Idiot and you make me want to retract my above statements. Why don't you begin basterdising [sic] the Catholic religion and start going door to door converting people. Nobody gives a **** about what you think, just keep your mouth shut and treat others as you wish to be treated.

Thank you for your time!

This post on the Bishop Feehan student who wanted to bring another girl to the prom has continued to generate some of the most interesting commentary. The irony is that this young lady went to the press with her story. So for her to claim persecution is rather amusing and a little bit beside the point.

Isn't it funny that I cannot be offended by anything that liberals and homosexuals do but they are allowed to be offended by what I believe and say? Ironic, n'est ce pas?


Petrus said...

Funny that the writer is asking that you "keep your mouth shut" when she apparently isn't able to do the same.

M. Alexander said...

It was actually a man.

Petrus said...

Regardless of the gender, do you think that the writer of that e-mail wanted to be called a #($*&#* idiot, and that nobody cares about his opinions, and that he should keep his mouth shut.

I think that there is some obvious schizophrenia there.

M. Alexander said...

I think that's a good call. Somebody obviously off their meds.

Anonymous said...

For the record, I sure give a **** what you think. This really surprised me; I had never thought of you as a very controversial blogger, despite your blog's uncompromising title.

Welcome to my world. My blog almost became unreadable before I decided to censor out all the offensive or stupid comments beforehand. As a lot of my readers are students, there are always plenty of foolish liberals who think I'm crazy for my orthodox opinions, and then cannot even construct a logical argument to contest my points. (It's especially bad when I challenge Masonic values or feminism.)