Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Real Problem...

Has anyone been following the story of the 870 prisoners that were released when a group of Taliban attacked a prison?


They all got out?

Did any American soldiers die?

And then I saw this article by the most unreliable U.K. Times: "Bush says Get Bin Laden Before I Leave Office"

No doubt in my mind Bush said this in a plea to get the British to hang in there in Iraq and not bail prematurely.

A good friend of mine is a Ranger and on a special mission in Iraq travelling with a small elite group. I'm convinced they are hunting Bin Laden in the mountains. I hope to see news footage of him smoking a cigar some evening in Afghanistan.

And putting the two news articles together I wondered if some of the prisoners in the Afghan prison are being tracked either visually or electronically in hopes that they will lead the U.S. to Bin Laden. And the prison escape was staged or even instigated by the U.S.

And while this seems perfectly logical and even likely to me. At the same time I wonder if I have been watching way too much La Femme Nikita.

Forgive the hyperbole because in reality there is no such thing as too much La Femme Nikita.

I just finished watching Season 1 and 2. Season 3 and 4 are now available on DVD at BJ's. I informed my sister (who upon my receipt of these DVDs will henceforth be known as "my favorite sister"). In re-watching them they are even more sinister than I remember.

The premise of the show:

"I was falsely accused of a hideous crime
and sentenced to life in prison.
One day I was taken from my cell
to a place called Section One,
the most covert antiterrorist group on the planet.
Their ends are just, but their means are ruthless.
If I don't play by their rules, I die."

There are so many blog posts about this show. (Amateurs).I was trying to find the promo on youtube but it seems to have been removed. Unfortunately the covers on the DVD cases are very trashy. An obvious attempt to get men to watch this series however in my experience they won't.

So if you tend to be a paranoid person, and honestly what Traditional Catholic isn't? This is the series to watch to hone your level of paranoia to a finer, sharper grade.

And my sister (soon to be known as "my favorite sister") believes that the character Madeline was based upon her. If you knew my sister you would understand that comparison. In honor of her getting me these DVDs for my birthday (which is in only 13 days!) I found this on youtube for her. Apparently someone made their own episode about, of all people the infamous, the nefarious Madeline.


+JMJ+ said...

I confess that this has been an obsessional favorite of mine for years! I still must say the name Michael (My kohl) and Nikita does!

I have also made it a point to see any movie name of this...the orginal French...the Bridget Fonda...

Anonymous said...

It is so scary. My grand daughter believes she too is destined to join her mother and Aunt in these pursuits!!! So much for home schooling!

M. Alexander said...

Ah, a fellow fan!

Madeline said...

Don't you know that you can be cancelled for giving this sort of information out? Of course the character is based on my life... duh!

Anonymous said...

Dear M Alexander,

Consider this a *** WARNING ***

In the future DO NOT publicly theorize on the happenings/motives of US Operatives overseas.

you ought to know better.