Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah "Barracuda" Palin

It's a Cinderella story and America loves a Cinderella story. I wasn't even going to vote Republican this election (was going to vote Right to Life party) but I think I've just changed my mind.


Rob said...

I went through the same metamorphosis.

Palin/Jindal 2012?

Thomas Shawn said...

OH, she is the one. She fits a simple criterion: An excellent Commander-in Chief-to-be

crusader88 said...

Now that I've learned a bit about Sarah, I'll be a bit more confident in my vote. I'm glad you're heartened, Mary!

Massachusetts for McCain-Palin!

crusader88 said...

And good idea, Rob. That would be a jaw-droppingly amazing ticket.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Mary, can't agree with you on this one.
As St. Thomas observes, we judge power by its effects. One may be "pro-life" (as McCain and Palin are), but are you so naive as to think that either one is going to the wall, at the risk of all else - including their political careers - to actually DO something about ending THE damning sin of this Republic?
I am firmly convinced that as long as the atrocity of legalized abortion is allowed to endure, this land may expect NO blessing whatsoever from Heaven. In fact, we will probably go into decline.
And that's fine with me, so long as God is glorified.
Perhaps we have served our purpose, and now another nation must lead, such as God used the Roman Empire to be the venue for the growth of the Church: use completed, decline and fall.
All nations are desposable in God's great plan.

So do not expect 'great things' from Palin. She is no Queen Isabella.
As Rush Limbaugh observed, with Palin, finally, we've got "guns, babies, and Jesus" again.
The only quip I would add is "yes, we do. Only in that order."


M. Alexander said...

Well Edward you've resufaced after years!

You may be right but I am desperate for something hopeful.

So, please don't shatter my delusion quite yet.

Anonymous said...

Very well, Madame, maintain hope at all costs! I cannot be critical of you in that(indeed I wish I had a little more of your 'audacity to hope' myself).
What is it St. Teresa of Avila said in the face of trial?
"All we need is a little bit of determination (una determinacioncilla) and we shall succeed."

St. Teresa of Avila, pray for us!


Anonymous said...

OH! By the way!
I just saw your 20th anniversary post while looking over what I've been missing.
Wonderful! My sincere compliments to you and your fine husband - as well as the lovely family with which your union has been blessed!!!

Dianne and I celebrated our 19th today, Sept. 2.
Allow me to regale you with a humorous anecdote marking the occasion:
My oldest daughters asked if I was nervous on the day of the proposal.
I told them that of course I was nervous, yet perfectly resigned.
"After all", I said, "your mother is not the kind of woman one says no to."

And there's more than a little truth to that story than I should be comfortable with. :)


NCTradCatholic said...

Of course she's a better running mate than Joe Lieberman, but that's not saying a heck of a lot. But she does NOT appear to be a very good mother, and THAT is her God-given vocation, NOT politician!! Those children need her much more than Alaska or the rest of the country does. They have a right to her undivided attention, the rest of us do not. And she is failing in that regard. We as a nation have completely lost sense of the divine plan for motherhood, and this nomination sends a very bad message to mothers of young children. I have far more regard for the mothers in our chapels who devote themselves full time to their many children, without all the public adulation that politicians and businesswomen receive. My wife will never be "great" in the eyes of the world, but she will always be so in my eyes and those of our 5 children.

Anonymous said...

Ordinarily I would agree with nctradcatholic - but in this case he too narrow minded. You think that she is not a very good mother? Really. You should know? You say this WHY? Maybe because her daughter is preg she is somehow not a good mother? I didn't realize that the kids need to be 'perfect' to attest to a good mothering!
She stands to be put into position to topple R vs W !! We are 'blessed' with Gov Palin - It is just possible - and probable- that she will do a fine job with her children - and the millions of children who will be born and not aborted in the future. Staying at home is not a guarantee at all that one will be a better mother to her children. I agree that the 'ideal' is as you state - but every now and then God raises up a Joan of Arc - even one with children - for a much needed task. She will be in a position to change the anti-life climate -who really thinks she needs to be home taking care of the family and not in public office taking care of us all? Well, sometimes God picks women to do the job the men can't or won't do! How many "Catholic" men were sent to congress and failed to do anything at all about Roe vs Wade!!!( a few 'catholic' senators and congressmen should come to mind) Where they have failed, women must take up the cause - so typical and necessary, I may add. You should be at least rejoicing that she wears skirts!!

illegitiminoncarborundum said...

test only, Mary

NCTradCatholic said...

Anonymous, Joan of Arc did not have children. To my knowledge, the Church has never canonized any mother of young children who devoted herself full time to secular pursuits, such as business or politics. I'd challenge you to find any statement by any pope prior to Vatican II that would support such an arrangement. On the contrary, they all emphasize a mother's responsibility in forming children and sanctifying the home. She cannot do this if she is running state government or campaigning all over the country.

Her Down Syndrome baby needs her full time attention. Her teenage daughter, who made one grave mistake and may be about to make another through a hasty marriage, desperately needs her attention. Her younger daughters also need her very much. A father is not equipped by God to take on these delicate tasks. We as a nation have no right to expect her to be "in public office taking care of us all" as you state.

The 'Catholic' senators and congressmen you mention are NOT Catholic. They do not have the Faith. Period. You should know that. The gross failures of so many men to lead are not an excuse for mothers to be distracted from their children, any more than the failures of the Catholic pastors justified Mrs. Palin's parents leaving the true Church for a heretical, vehemently anti-Catholic sect.

I happen to like Mrs. Palin much more than her running mate or the two devils in the other party. But her children need her much more than we do, and our mothers don't need this kind of an example.