Friday, February 20, 2009

What Have I been doing this week?

Well, the kids had school vacation so that mean some sleeping in.

And I fought the urge to remain obsessed with the American Papist coverage of the Legion/Regnum Christi debacle.

And the boys played in a basketball tournament and lost. But honorably.

And I worked in the convoluted world of bottled water label legal compliance.

{N.B. Drink bottled water. Keep me in business}

And I tried to think of some good ideas for the group I am now the Ladies Coordinator of. (those who voted for me have no idea what they've done....)

And my sister still didn't get engaged. (What is Valentine's Day for anyway?)

N.B. My sister made me CHANGE this image because THIS is the ring that she likes/loves.

And I did hardly any housework and not much cooking.

But I did wallpaper.

And I fretted about bills and my old car, and the rising MA taxes and the economy and my son's lyme arthritis amd my children's future.

And cursed the snow.

And I neglected the Latin Mass Network.


Leila said...

Tee hee...

except for lyme arthritis etc... :(

Come over to my blog and tell me you hate my tiles :)

mom v many said...

It's great to have a bit of down time! Love your pictures...
As for us, we just found out we are expecting our 11th baby this fall. Stunned, excited, stunned, elated,and oh did I mention stunned?!?

Anonymous said...

Sorry that I missed you at Mom's. I don't like the ring. Are you sure you didn't talk her into that one? I'll do my best to fix it. Hey wouldn't it be funny if you had a "make this my homepage button on your blog? You're so much better on line after all! Luv (That's right l-U-v.)

crusader88 said...

Hmm. My family has generally made fun of the popularity of bottled water; I prefer the tap. But where do you work, i.e. if I ever must buy bottled water where should I get it from?

M. Alexander said...

In your own interests drink tap.

In my interests drink bottled water and it doesn't matter which brand.