Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Fr. Maciel, founder of the Legionnaires of Christ and Regnum Cristi Exposed

For those of us who had dealings with Regnum Christi and the Legionnaires of Christ these allegations will confirm what we have long believed and understood. That the movement is one based on lies, duplicity, aggressive fundraising and recruiting tactics, a positive, carefully crafted public image and very little else.

Are there good people who have become involved and who will be disappointed? Of course.

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I wonder what Fr. Jonathon over at Fox News is saying? Probably something very pastoral.

The spokesperson for the Legion has stated that:

“We can confirm that there are aspects of his life that weren’t appropriate for a Catholic priest."

Inappropriate behavior seems like a bit of an understatement to me. So, in the week that the excommunications of the SSPX bishops have been lifted we may be watching the beginnings of the suppression of the Legionnaires of Christ and Regnum Christi. What a strange time we live in.

Zenit, which is owned by the Legionnaires has this to say about the canonical censure of Fr. Maciel in 2006 go here.:

Very chilling are the comments being left by some apparent members of RC/LC- it still has not hit them that this movement was founded by a drug addicted, homosexual, deviant who was fathering children, stealing money and all the while exhorting Catholics to be just like him, give us your money, your children and your blind unquestioning obedience and we will give you... this.

A sad day and no one takes joy in it. But if this means that some families and individuals will not suffer the abuse of this movement then we can only thank God that the truth is finally being revealed.


Thomas Shawn said...

Congrats to you, you've been all over this for years now.

Love the new banner, by the way.

Carol McKinley said...

I don't get around blogosphere much but I was glad to see you still plugging away at it when I started getting referrals from your link.

As someone recently and correctly put it, with all the disturbing allegations, with DNA in their hands, the Legion was forced to abandon their meme that Maciel was the next Padre Pio and beyond that, wants to leave us with a "cliffhanger".

Is that acceptable?

To me, this begs the question: Institutionally, how bad does conduct have to be before somebody on the inside with authority will stand up and say "this is wrong"?

Are all the allegations true? What did the cover up entail? Who saw what and who told whom to keep mum about it?

Answering these questions can vindicate the institution from the scourge of being labeled a cult.

Otherwise, I feat the good work and mission of many solid and faithful priests will be kept under the bushel.

Keep up the good work!