Sunday, April 26, 2009


To be "unveiled" in NYC on April 29th:

And by sculptor, Matthew J. Clark:

From World Net Daily.

And I'm thinking the Swine Flu will be an excellent opportunity for Obama to declare martial law.


sue said...

And how come no one has mentioned bio-terrorism?

sue said...

The painting would be perfect for a collector plate. They could sell them at Rite-Aid for 19.99.

Anne R Triolo said...

yikes, those pictures make me nervous.

how about this swine flu though! will NOTHING make them tighten the Mexican borders??? Guns, drugs and deadly diseases? Let it all in!!

Dymphna said...

Bio terrorism is unlikely.In the Third World people live very close to their animals- who aren't that healthy to begin with and modern sanitation is nonexistant. Peope die of cholera, typhoid, dysentary, diarrhea and yes, flu.