Thursday, April 02, 2009

Randall Terry versus Notre Dame

Randall Terry met with the Vice President of Notre Dame and security officials about upcoming protests at the University. He even helpfully wrote a "resignation" letter for President of Notre Dame, Fr. Jenkins, CSC.

As you read the letter and when you get to the part about "unwavering fidelity" does your mind automatically go to Mr. Terry's "wavering fidelity" in regards to his 19 year marriage to Cindy and his "wavering fidelity" to his 5 children of that marriage? And then there is the part about "duty", "scandal" and "confusion".

I just couldn't help it.

The letter:

The Resignation Letter of Rev. John I. Jenkins, CSC

To the Board of Trustees:

When I took holy vows as a priest, I had high hopes and deep desires to serve Christ and His Church with valor, and without wavering in fidelity. [emphasis mine]

Regrettably, I have failed in my duty as a priest, and brought much scandal and confusion to the faithful.

My decision to acquiesce to the urgings of others to invite President Obama to speak at our 2009 commencement – even though I knew he was openly defiant of our Lord’s commandment, “Thou shalt not murder,” and that as President he has personally authorized the shedding of innocent blood in America and around the world – shows that my moral compass has been badly damaged.

It is clear that I do not possess the internal fortitude to resist the machinations of those who promote child-killing, and who seek to tear apart Christ’s beloved bride. I am not fit to lead this institution in the battles to defend God’s innocents, and Catholic orthodoxy.

After much reflection, as an act of contrition before our Lord, His Church, Our Lady, the holy men who founded Notre Dame, and the millions of innocent children who have been slaughtered by abortion, I hereby tender my resignation as President of Notre Dame University, effective immediately.

Please pray for me.


Father John I. Jenkins, CSC


Anonymous said...

Yes, POTS have a habit of calling KETTLES black. It is the straight and narrow way - or is it the wide road that leads to perdition?
Fr. Jenkins and the board of directors were wrong inviting Obama IMO an deserving of correction - Randal is wrong and beyond correction. Sad state of affairs, this.

mom v many said...

Why, oh Why can't we have some brave souls do this kinda work quietly and unannounced instead of someone who needs to see himself in print????