Monday, October 19, 2009

Fr. Tom DiLorenzo summoned to the Chancery in Boston

And it isn't going to be pretty.

Fr. Tom is well known for his ardent and vocal prolife beliefs and his radio show "In Season and Out of Season". Apparently EWTN carries Fr. Tom's show. Eventhough Fr. Tom is a bit of a charismatic but we don't hold that against him.

Apparently Cardinal O'Malley has decided that it's payback time. Fr. Tom made the unfortunate, and probably career-ending mistake of opposing Cardinal Sean's attempt to sign a contract with Centene, an abortion-providing health insurance company. Unfortunately, the Boston Archdiocese lost money (perhaps millions according to my fellow warrioress in the trenches, Carol McKinley) and the opportunity to sell its soul, and give away gratis any integrity they may have had left.

Fr. Tom has been summoned to the Chancery to discuss his "mental health".

The tactics don't change. The villains never come up with anything new.

The Mass begins with the phrase:

"Judge me, O God, and distinguish my cuase against an ungodly nation: deliver me from the unjust and deceitful man."
Somehow I don't think this meeting will make the Cardinal's blog.
I don't think the public relations firm employed (and paid handsomely) by the Archdiocese of Boston would recommend it.


Anonymous said...

Is there a move afoot to get up the money to send Fr. to Kansas City for some tuning up for the real fight - he seems to be almost on the road.

Ahab said...

Why does this remind me of Jesus being put on trial by the Sanhedrin? LOL

Thomas Shawn said...

Reminds me of what the communists in Soviet Europe did to Cardinal Mindzenty.

The sanitarium has always been the favorite tool of the communists. The use of homosexuals to infiltrate and destabilize the Church (who also use psychological weapondry.)

Anonymous said...

Hello from Russia!
Can I quote a post "No teme" in your blog with the link to you?

M. Alexander said...

Dear Russia,

I have not idea what that means but why not!


Anonymous said...

father tom dilorenzo is on heavy psychiatric medication...he can be very unstable...the bishop should understand that....larry hooley

Larry Hooley said...

I feel sorry for the cowardly and ugly attempt by the blogger who attributed my name, Larry Hooley, to Fr. Tom's,"heavy psychiatric medicine", comment. I've known and love Fr. Tom for many years. He is, was and always will be a hero to me for his genuine love, generousity, and commitment to proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus in season and out of season. It's sad some malcontent tried to smear Fr. Tom using my name. I will pray for the mental stability of that person and God's mercy for us all. Fr. Tom is the best of the best!! The real Larry Hooley

Anonymous said...

I have known Father Tom for almost 30 years. I never ever met a priest like him. He brought me to Jesus. I went a way for 20 years over seas and continued to grow in Jesus and I just came back to Boston. Father Tom is the same as he was 30 years ago and more powerful, it is like the river of JESUS is flowing through him. I believe he is a prophet and prophets are hated, because they speak the truth. I love being catholic and I love the real presence of Jesus in the Eurcharist. I experienced Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament the first time I met Father Tom. He prayed over me with other believers and I woke up on the ground. I left church running to tell people the good news. Father Tom is the real deal. FACT! He is human too. But he has NEVER STOPPED Preaching Jesus. THe church is more concerned with its profile and pedophile priests and protecting the image. While they should be on the streets preaching the good news. But they are so caught up in the scandal (which is a trick of the devil)that they working on the wrong direction. I think if Jesus was here and a priest, they would lock him up too. Scot Marinick. Thank you Father Tom for leading me to Jesus. Your the best!!!!

Anonymous said...

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I would appreciate if a staff member here at could post it.


Anonymous said...
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Scott said...

The man has been made the scapegoat to the HRCC and will be made an example of.

There's far too much done in the church for the sake of expediency bc no one is taking responsibility for its own sins. "Let's gt on with it and getter done,"...he really stood up for what was right and now he's paying the price for truth.

The hospital could have been a catholic hospital again but the Archbishop did what he wanted to do for the sake of expediency to get that gov money.

Wen the church compromised truth for expediency like a regular corporation does for the sake of getting it done then it is no better that the evil one...and after all, the lesser of two evils is still evil.

David DiCicco said...

Fr Tom leads people to Jesus. He does what Jesus, Mary & the Apostles instructed us to do. He may be rough around the edges, but that's him, you would think after centuries of persecution the Catholic authorities would have tougher skin. The kicker is Fr Tom is Catholic!!! Arguably the best example of Catholic us North Shore folks have ever seen. The diocese doesn't need to keep harassing Fr Tom for being who God wants him to be. Let him speak, as for me I am going to turn my radio on blast & let all hear Fr Tom preach the word & sing (offkey) in season & out of season just like St Paul said to Timothy. -David DiCicco

Anonymous said...

By coincidence, playing with the tuning knob, I found this guy DiLorenzo on WROL (later on found that this station, never mind its mostly delirious fanatical religious claims, is as close to hate-radio as one can find right of WRKO). DiLorenzo is fantastic free entertainment. His show is a hilarious torrent of completely incoherent rantings that culminate when he starts singing and his lyrics don't fit the tunes that he invents on the spot. My daughter did that too - at age 2. I strongly recommend DiLorenzo if you need a moment of frank hilarity.