Tuesday, October 06, 2009

One of the Best Things About Fall....

...besides the sight of leaves changing color, and the smell of burning leaves, the foreshadowing pre-winter coolness, the feel of wind blowing through the trees, the smell of freshly split wood (some green) in anticipation of the winter wood burning, hot cider, caramel apples and ultimately Christmas is:

picking bittersweet
to decorate my dining room chandelier.

I just looked up bittersweet and found this blog "What your wedding means" or something like that and it said that bittersweet meant "truth".

How very apropos.

But can I have a truth-vacation. Can I ignore truth for a while? Read another Oscar Wilde fairytale? Make homemade bread as if the price of propane is not prohibitive?

I really must grow some. On my own land.

And little did I realize that when I began this blog post there was a controversy about "bittersweet" versus invasive oriental bittersweet. (If my dear grandmother were here she would pronounce it as "Or-E-Ent-Ul".

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