Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Missionary Trip to the Dominican Republic

The Sisters from Saint Benedict Center have just returned from a missionary trip to the Dominican Republic. You can see a slide show of their trip here.
You need quicktime and it does take a few minutes to load.

This is their second trip this year and they are focusing on the "bateys" villages where Haitian workers live. They work in the sugar cane fields of the Dominican Republic and I'm sure you can imagine what the conditions in which they live are like. And yet they are happy and always smiling. (Just like us, right?)

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Thomas Shawn said...

Hmm, the situation there is more dire than than even the Philippines, yet the Faith is so resilient in these places.

I fear that God will judge us Americans very severly considering the abject poverty just 100 miles south of us.

There's a good chuck of me that never leaves the housing project I grew up in or the shanties I saw in the Philippines. The big house and the newer car sometimes weigh heavily on me.