Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Death First


1. Surrender
2. Cowardice
3. Idolatry
4. Compromise
5. Sacrilege
6. Apostasy
7. Political Expediencey
8. Political Ambition
9. Schism
10. Sin


Petrus said...

Well Done. Well Done.

Dust I Am said...

A very complete list of what too many Catholics have succumbed to in the past 40 years....

qlinger said...

Great Post!

Lee said...

Sin should be first on the list.

Actually, making sin first (which I know is the "ideal") basically incorporates the rest of the list.

M. Alexander said...

It's funny you should say that Lee. I had sin first and my kids thought I should have it last as a summation and conclusion. What do they know? LOL

Thomas Shawn said...

Disco is definitely number 11.