Thursday, September 14, 2006

Intelligence and the Divine Creation

About the Sculpture:

In his decoration of the Cathedral of Saint Lazare in Autun, France, French sculptor Gislebertus produced some of the most inventive, expressive work of the Romanesque period. Carved in the early 12th century, his elongated, snakelike Eve was the first large-scale nude to appear in European art since the days of ancient Rome. The sculpture is in the Musée Rolin in Autun.

Today in this study, John Philippe Rushton, a scientist states that he has proven that men are smarter than women and by a full 4 IQ points no less. The reasons for men's intellectual superiority are thought to be related to brain size, more neurons equalling better and faster reasoning.

This all reminds me of a joke I once heard. Adam was walking with God in the Garden of Eden and he had a few questions to ask of God. "God", he asked, "Why did you make woman so beautiful?" God answered, "So that you would love her my son. And God, "Why did you make woman so soft?" Again God answered, "So that you would love her my son."

Adam had one final question for God. "But God, why did you make woman so stupid?". God's answer, "So that she would love you, my son."


qlinger said...

That joke never gets old! Geat post!.

qlinger said...
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Madeline said...

Is it possible that the study was done between blond women and brunette men? ROTFLOL!

Petrus said...

I know some women that I'm a full 4 IQ points smarter than. Yet, they always seem to get to the sale racks before me!!!

Thomas Shawn said...

This study does me no good. Surely the average IQ of those buring in Hell is higher than the IQ of those in Heaven with our Lord.

Where do I cash-in my extra 4 pts ?

Petrus said...

I think soul for soul, those in heaven would have higher IQ's.

Tradcatholic said...

Shawn thinks those in hell have LOWER IQ's and Petrus thinks that those in heaven have HIGHER IQ's. Sorry, no way to tell at this end of the spectrum.
Being 'smart' has nothing to do with salvation. Severely retarded babies who are baptized are in heaven--Einstein, with all his knowledge of earthly things may never have stumbled on FAITH. It has been said that 'the floor of hell is paved with the skulls of bishops' - may have been 'smart' in the world and really stupid in the practice of the Faith. Anyway, Christ says that the 'prostitutes and sinners' will be in heaven before the Pharisees...but that could mean that neither of them will get's akin to saying I will be the queen of England before Oliver Cromwell gets to heaven...neither of which will probably happen.

Petrus said...

My syllogism goes like this:

Only idiots don't follow the very clear path of salvation that Our Lord has laid out for us.
While each of us does have to admit to a certainly level of idiocy, only the real idiots would throw away the gifts that Our Lord offers to us.

Therefore, Hell is filled with real idiots.

Thomas Shawn said...

Thomas Shawn wrote:
Surely the average IQ of those buring in Hell is higher than the IQ of those in Heaven with our Lord.

TRad wrote: Shawn thinks those in hell have LOWER IQ's.

Methinks Trad missed something, you're reading comprehension is in doubt but perhaps the odds of your salvation are good. ;-)

I guess it all depends on how one defines IQ. I define it as the ability to process data, draw conclusions, solve complex problems. In other words, its the things that they test on the IQ test. I think mine is somewhere north of average according to the test .... maybe this translates into only two millenia in Purgatory.... gotta work on that.

Give me 100 geniuses and 100 average joes and I suspect the level of faith, of fear of the Lord, of upright living ... the joes have it hands down. Certainly the joes will have more children. The geniuses often forget the font from which this rational ability is drawn, so they're oftentimes doomed.

People may bristle at this idea but Our Lord has spoken on this where the faithful are called to be like sheep not foxes. In some ways I view the highly intelligent as accursed, they're prisoners of their brains.

Likewise, it is easier for a camel to pass thru the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get to Heaven. Sounds unfair but thems the rules.

Tradcatholic said...

Sorry about the mis-statement sir Shawn: Of course I meant to contrast the ideas - one thought higher IQs in hell, the other thought higher IQs in heaven. Of course, neither is correct absolutely - IQ has little to do with Faith. Higher/lower IQs are gifts from God - just because a person has a high IQ, doesn't mean he/she is smart. Faith is a gift too, not just given to the smart nor the not-so-smart.