Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Fait Accompli?

We have a Press Release from the Vatican but not a document. I suppose it's a start.


VATICAN CITY, SEP 26, 2006 (VIS) - The Holy See Press Office today released a communique concerning the present ecclesial position of Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo. The text of the communique is given below:

"With great concern, the Holy See has followed the recent activities of Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo, emeritus of Lusaka, Zambia, with his new association of married priests, spreading division and confusion among the faithful.

"Church representatives of various levels have tried in vain to contact Archbishop Milingo in order to dissuade him from persisting in actions that provoke scandal, especially among the faithful who followed his pastoral ministry in favor of the poor and the sick.

"Bearing in mind the understanding shown, also recently, by Peter's Successor towards this aged pastor of the Church, the Holy See has awaited with vigilant patience the evolution of events which, unfortunately, have led Archbishop Milingo to a position of irregularity and of progressively open rupture of communion with the Church, first with his attempted marriage and then with the ordination of four bishops on Sunday, September 24, in Washington D.C., U.S.A.

"For this public act both Archbishop Milingo and the four ordinands have incurred excommunication 'latae sententiae,' as laid down in Canon 1382 of the Code of Canon Law. Moreover, the Church does not recognize, nor does she intend to recognize in the future, these ordinations and all ordinations deriving from them; and she considers the canonical status of the four supposed-bishops as being that they held prior to this ordination.

The Apostolic See, attentive to the unity and peace of the flock of Christ, had hoped that the fraternal influence of people close to Archbishop Milingo would cause him to rethink and return to full communion with the Pope. Unfortunately the latest developments have made these hopes more unlikely.

"At times of ecclesial suffering such as these, may prayers intensify among all the community of the faithful."


jackson said...

well, well. the Vatican acts and acts quickly (within a day of the false ordination).

Happy now, or are you still going to find something to complain about with Il Papa?

bleu said...

On your previous post you wrote:
"So by my calculations the warning should have been issued yesterday the 24th and the document of excommunication should be delivered today."

Hmmm. you must be psychic! Or could it be that the Vatican is more on the ball than you care to admit.

M. Alexander said...

The ordinations were on 9/23 and the press release came today 9/26.

We still don't have a document but I do think one is probably coming. As Canon Lawyer Ed Peters states on his blog this is still not a document but only a press release from an unnamed Vatican source. (meaning this hasn't come from an official by name.)

No one is happier to see Bishop Milingo declared as excommunicated. I am grateful to see it.

hilary said...

Gosh Mary, you are so tolerant and forebearing. I would put up with my guests insulting me for about ...ooooo...zero seconds.

Hilary (The One with a Sense of Humor) said...

"The ordinations were on 9/23 and the press release came today 9/26."

Wow, a whole 3 days. Don't forget the time-change...that added some time, too.
Looks to me that the Vatican does take action and is not some big listless lump.

"I would put up with my guests insulting me for about ...ooooo...zero seconds"
that's because you are intolerant and can't bear people disagreeing with you. Seriously, if Mary feels free to dish out sarcasm when referring to the Vatican, then she should expect her guests to also feel welcome to use the same tone.

Thomas Shawn said...

If the Bishop says a Tridentine Mass then cut the response time for excommunication to 1 day.

If he is shacking with a boyfriend then possible promotion to Cardinal.

Married straight guy? call it a wash (i.e. no worse than the recent female "ordinands.")

Rosie said...

"If he is shacking with a boyfriend then possible promotion to Cardinal.

Married straight guy? call it a wash "

You've convinced me, Thomas. The Catholic Church is a big joke. Why anyone would be Catholic is beyond me! This blog is the perfect example of why not to be Catholic; it constantly points out all the flaws with this bogus institution.