Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Solution is Simple

Ever had the experience of while starting something new, something out of the ordinary, you have all this energy in the world? You don't feel tired. You can walk quickly everywhere and in fact it irritates you to have to go slowly. And the new activity can even be quite mundane but because it is novel it generates excitement.

You can go on like this for days, sometimes weeks and then it hits.

All the normal tiredness you should have felt catches up with you all at once. You feel like you have lead in every vein.

There is a solution to that feeling. You may be thinking sleep. You would forget then that I'm a mother and sleep is not an option except maybe between the hours of 1am and 4am.

No the answer is caffeine. And this:

is my drug delivery method of choice. I used to be embarassed to admit that I drank it for breakfast but I got over that. Around the holidays it is nice to combine it with chocolate Easter bunny for example or foil covered chocolates at Christmas. But you have to have the old reliable Diet Pepsi. With a multi vitamin of course.


hilary said...

Yeah, I've been doing it with the killer Pakistani tea. Tea in the east is not like the tea we have in Canada or England, still less than like the brown water you get in the States. In Pakistan it is taken instead of coffee in the morning, because it has more and a more direct caffiene kick than coffee.

I drink about five cups of it every morning, which is less than i used to down.

Been moving and shifting furniture unpacking boxes and settling four very different people into the house for two weeks.

Caffiene is a necessity of course, and the payment, five or six years off your life, is one that can be postponed until much later.

Thomas Shawn said...

Is caffeine really 5 or 6 years?

I drink about 4 cups of coffee a day, without I would lose my job, almost immediately.

Petrus said...

I like caffiene Italian style. Straight up - with steamed milk of course. I had three before a final once. My handwriting was shaky... but I think I passed.

Tradcatholic said...

Yes,caffeine is a real gift from God! I wonder if Adam and Eve discovered it as a help to keep them going after being pitched out of the Garden of Eden -
It may give one palpatations, but these only serve to get the blood running even faster through the circulation - a really good effect! Keeping one up all night in order to finish a really good book is great too! And...it hasn't been proven to cause any cancer or polute the environment!

PLUS...when it comes to Lenten sacrifice, THIS is the one...stopping gives you a headache for a week, but earns much grace.

SurgiteetCoffeamOlfacite said...

The only problem with giving it up for Lent is that the effect that it has on your personality often becomes asacrifice for everyone!

Thomas Shawn said...

Whoa ... giving coffee up for Lent ... now that is hardcore!

Dust I Am said...

When you get old, too much caffeine can put you on the couch--so dizzy you can't rise. It happened once at work and my husband had to come take me home.

Dust I Am said...

When you get old, too much caffeine can put you on the couch--so dizzy you can't rise. It happened once at work and my husband had to come and take me home.