Friday, November 03, 2006

What Zero Tolerance means

photo- Eric Schmadel/ Tribune Review

This is Monsignor Stephen T. Forish on the right. He was in court defending himself against a charge of soliciting prostitution from (do I even need to say it?) a man. Sadly, this article states that ten years ago the Monsignor was charged of the very same thing but was acquited. What a strange coincidence or was it merely a run of bad luck? This is the recent article. It appears that a plea agreement has been made and there will be no trial.

What is very interesting and does not appear to have been picked up by the current press coverage is that the Monsignor has a long history of being a child predator. According to this website the Fr. Forish was sued by parents in the 1990s for "luring" their children. But that did not keep the reverend from his "ministry".

In the early 1990s after complaints from parents the police "watched" Forish but he was never caught doing anything. There is no word on how the lawsuit was resolved. May I suggest that it was settled quietly?

In 1997, Msgr Forish drove up to a 22 year old man and solicited him. When he was refused he was said to have asked if the victim knew of any 15 year olds who might be interested? The charges were dropped because the prosecutor could not find the victim.

The current case is very similar and we are assured in the news article that Fr. Forish, though a priest is not acting as a priest he is merely a psychologist for Family Psychology Associates in Kittannig, Pennsylvania. Though I can't figure out why he is said to be living at St. Emma's Monastery and Retreat center if he is not associated with the diocese.

Isn't it strange that I can find these things out while sitting at my computer but the Bishops who are responsible for Fr. Forish do not take any action?

Fr. Forish is one of a number of priests that victims' advocates claim the Diocese knew about and chose not to act.

So, I guess zero tolerance means exactly... nothing.


gawfer said...


As I said before, there is no room for this type of behavior... Anywhere.

This guy is a child preditor, needs to be identified as such, and spend some quality time in 'general population'. Then, if he survives, needs to be permenantly equiped with some electronic ankle jewelery to insure his location is no where near children.

But as long as he continues to be in some position of leadership with the Church, it says once again, this behavior is condoned.

Veritas said...

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Anonymous said...

Veritas - I'm having a hard time understanding the connection here.

It doesn't surprise me that companies, including 501c3 are run exactly like any other business on Wall Street. Its a sad, but true fact of life.

Nevertheless, they have done great work, and continue to provide a service to Catholics.

How can you possibly relate that to a child predator?