Wednesday, June 06, 2007


A man tried to jump onto the Holy Father's white jeep. You can see here at Fox News the video of what happened. He was wrestled to the ground by security and police and turned over to the Italian police.

My first thought was that I hope this is not someone upset that the Pope has not released the Motu Proprio. I know there are some very disappointed people out there but this is not the right way to go about things. Michael Dunngian where are you? Can anyone account for his whereabouts?

Kidding aside I think the pink tee shirt and the age of this man- 20-30 makes me think we are talking about a homosexual activist protesting the policies of the Catholic Church that are "killing him". Because you know it's not HIS behavior it's what the Pope thinks.


Edward said...

Is this Mary or Madeline writing this?:D

That aside, Mary, please go to the comment section under your 'Modern Freedom...' posting to find out my awesome news and to receive my most heartfelt thanks, which I again convey to you here as well as to all who kept us in their prayers.
You people have influence!

Which, now that I think on it, I've got a list...;)

M. Alexander said...

Wondeful, glorious news!!!!!!!

I hope the move goes smoothly and you and your family find much joy, peace and happiness in your new home.

Edward said...

"Because you know it's not HIS behavior it's what the Pope thinks."

Well, it's not HIS behaviour, Mary.
It's HIV behaviour.

Of course, we would all do well to strive toward that which more closely approximates IHS bevaviour.

Petrus said...

After watching the video, there's no way that the Holy Father didn't notice that five out of his six security guards were wrestling someone in the back of the car - and yet he kept his focus on his flock. What a great shepherd!

Congrats Edward, on your new home!

Lily said...

You know, Petrus, I was thinking, that really shows a complete faith and trust in Our Lord. It matters not what is happening, just that he (the Pope) had something to do at that moment and if God had other plans, so be it. It wasn't his concern. If only I could possess such concentration in all aspects of my life from prayer, to focus during Mass to talking with the children, to reading, etc. You get the idea.

Thomas Shawn said...

You noticed the pink shirt, too?

Too bad that Swiss guard did not have his long sword handy to chop off that guys head instantly.