Thursday, June 07, 2007

Catholic Restorationists

Well, I'm part of a new deal. The Evil Trads are no more. It was fun. It was edgy. It was irritating to all the right people but I guess the founder decided it was time to for us to grow up.

So we're trying.

Over at Catholic Restorationists- a wordpress hosted group blog you can read what the different members are writing. There are about 20 contributors including some very smart and very holy people. And me. You will recognize names like Steve Skojec, Dale Price, Chris Gillibrand and Jeff Culbreath and at long last Hilary White has joined us. She has resolved to remain evil which is reassuring. I understand the contract negotiations were brutal but founder Steve Skojec was able to get her onboard.

So if you want to head on over and read some really interesting esays and thoughts I don't think you will be disappointed. Some very notable notables are linking the Restorationists proving either that we have a quality site or that we really are losing our edge.


Edward said...

Good move. Lovely site!
You'll fit right in.

Ah! Another spot wherein I may pester and conspire!

Louis said...

Aww, the Evil Trads thing was cool.
Oh, well, I guess he decided that things needed to be more "appropriate". There for a wile I was wondering why the Evil Traditionalist was not posting anything. Well, I hope this one works out, and I hope they keep some good posts up.

Anonymous said...

I know you are more vocally opposed to annulments than your average NO. Have you seen this article? I find the idea of dating someone without an annulment pretty shocking. Maybe you could write a post on the subject?

Forgive me if you think I am hijacking your post.

crusader88 said...

The EvilTrads were more than cool. I feel Steve was unwise to end the League, when he could merely have left and handed over leadership to another Traditionalist blogger.

Leo said...

I concurr with Crusader88, that's what should have been done, they were fun while it lasted. Still can't believe it's over, what, I hear a tune in the background... wait a second.. here it comes...