Thursday, June 21, 2007

The sign I've been waiting for...

"Pick Your Own Strawberries"

Yes it's time to make jam. Making and canning jam is easy. If you can read you can make jam. Homemaking art, family time with your daughters, gift-giving opportunity, a concrete product of family life.

My favorite flavors:

Peach-raspberry jam

Strawberry Rhubarb jam

Blueberry Spice jam

Triple Berry Jam

Cranberry-Raspberry Jam

Decorate the top of the jar with a circular piece of fabric and ribbon. Give as Christmas gifts. Serve as a snack with toast for your children. Hold your beautiful ruby red jam filled jars up to the light. Perfect with tea. The homemaker's reward. Make and serve wearing a vintage apron and announce, "Feminism where is thy sting?"

1 comment:

Edward said...

Still, sounds like a lot of work.
I know that if I tried this, I'd really end up in a jam.