Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fairs, Freaks and Finding a Catholic College

And it's oh dear, what can the matter be
Dear, dear What can the matter be
Oh dear, what can the matter be
Johnny's so long at the fair.

Well I've been away but I haven't been to the fair, though I did go to the Immaculate Heart of Mary October Bazaar. In a side note, the day following the bazaar I was at a Confirmation in the Traditional rite about 30 miles away and my daughter overhead someone saying, "I don't know what was going on yesterday, some kind of a 'Feeney fest'". Note to people who say such things- you don't make us mad- you just make us laugh. Heartily.

My oldest daughter has been getting so many interesting things from Colleges- she took her SATs and when you do, you get on the mailing lists of some unusual institutions. The College of St. Rose in Albany even sent Ana a bound book, highlighting the aspects of the College that they are most proud of. For example, they have a Professor of English who writes poetry about Queen. The rock band. A band that was popular in the 1980s. I think someone has been listening to one too many "Back to the Awesome 80s" nights on the local radio station. This professor has high standards (and obviously high aspirations) and says he is happy to have his students write poetry about what "moved them" on last night's episode of Survivor. The gate to tenure track is wide these days.

And if you don't know about the Newman Guide to Choosing a Catholic College make sure to get a copy if your son or daughter will be going to college soon. Oh, and there are more and more Colleges that are having the Traditional Latin Mass on their campuses.


erin is nice said...

we feeney people have great senses of humor, don't you think?

M. Alexander said...

Yes and while it is the Church that saves us- it is our sense of humor that saves our detractors from a considerable amount of unpleasantness.

Anonymous said...

I don't see one of the best colleges deserving the name Roman Catholic on the list - St. Mary's College in Kansas. We SSPXers have a great sense of humor also! There is a great satisfaction which comes with KNOWING you are right! There really is NO NEED to for unpleasantness at all - they're WRONG and that's the end of that!!:)

M. Alexander said...

Hi Anonymous! I trust things went well yesterday- I'm so glad. You should send your objections to the authors of the book- maybe they will make an addendum to future printings?