Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Car Shopping

We need to get another car to have my teenage daughter help me with some of the driving. We have 2 girls at one school and 3 boys at another. Sports, dance, social events and grocery shopping are wearing me and my car out. My gas guzzling SUV currently needs front brakes. (just a little grinding s'all). I'm sure there is still plenty of rotor left on there.

I thought we would hear something by word of mouth but if there's a car out there no one is talking about it. Now to me a teenage car means something between $25 to $500. So I went to Craig's list and what I didn't realize is how entertaining this was going to be. I was delighted to find something for $500 but was disappointed to find out it was a speaker.

Yes one speaker.

Next I saw this for the very reasonable price of $1100

And I'm sorry to say that my 17 year old daughter would like nothing better. Which is exactly why we won't be considering it. I blame it on too much country music.

This online shopping brought back happy memories of my first car. It was a Chevy Nova SS, pale green with a white vinyl top and a very feminine pair of white stripes that went down the side. The only defect was a good sized hole on the top left of the hood. I covered it with duct tape that I then painted to match the car. (It looked fabulous)I bought it for $150 and it always ran great. It looked something like this:

Then I saw this car and practicality set in. Why not buy THIS for the grownups and we'll give our daughters the old Honda. They WILL learn to drive standard. If they ever want to go anywhere that is. Coercion really is the very best teacher.

Looks like the ultimate date car to me!


Mark Scott Abeln said...

Ah, my old '72 metallic-green Plymouth Valiant! It was hardly a good date car, since it was quite ugly, and especially since it had only an AM radio. It got far worse mileage than even my full-size SUV, and only had a 200 mile range on a fill up. I kept it clean and polished at all times, though.

NCTradCatholic said...

And since most Mercedes models are now made in America, you could rationalize the purchase by reminding yourself that you're supporting the American economy!