Thursday, January 10, 2008

Illegal Immigrants: the saviors of American Catholicism

Have you ever heard this view expressed? Been criticized for opposing people who break the immigration laws in this country? The liberals tell us we are

1. racist
2. elitist
3. lacking compassion
4. cheap

because we are not overjoyed at more and more illegal immigrants crossing the Mexican-U.S. border to enjoy our standard of living at our growing expense. According to this article 56% of illegal immigrants are Mexican and an additional 22% are from other Latin American countries. This means that 78% of illegal immigrants are Hispanic.

But we never listen to the liberals anyway.

What gets me is when "Catholics" or "Conservatives" play the religion card. Opposing illegal immigration is really evidence of anti-Catholicism because Mexicans are such good, devout Catholics. They are so prolife. They are family oriented. They may be. I hope they are, but they are still here illegally and therefore are criminals and should return to their own country and apply to come here legally. (like my husband did). But he's a lawabiding citizen so I guess that makes him the exception.

I have long contended that while not condemning all illegals, the facts are that they bring a huge amount of drug trafficking, prostitution, gambling, promiscuity and illegitimate births with them. They are here criminally so what is to stop them from continuing in their illegal activity? Certainly not the law enforcement in this country. That is not even mentioning the diseases for which they are not screened or vaccinated again.

I have seen anecdotally the huge number of out of wedlock births- well there is an incentive- your child becomes an American citizen. What a great policy move that was! Talk about converting a child into a meal ticket! or passport!

But while reading an article about the beautiful and lovely tradition of the Quincera, a coming of age rite for Hispanic young ladies I saw this statistic:

Although teen pregnancy rates have generally been in decline across ethnic lines over the last 15 years, 51 percent of Hispanic teens get pregnant before age 20, according to the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy.

Think of that for a moment- 51% of Hispanic teens become pregnant before the age of 20!

That's Catholic morality? Devout piety? It's cultural madness.


Anonymous said...

Better pregnant before 20 than pregnant at 40 as here in Italy

Anonymous said...

Return all our people back to their country, and we will return all your protestant sects back to yours. Deal?

While your at it, take back all the Holiday Inns, KFC's, Walmart's, McDonalds, Ford, Goodyear, etc. In reality, you people, Americans, own Mexico. Have you ever thought of that? It is true.

Jeffrey Smith said...

You might want to stop and consider that all the nonsense, like your supposed facts, that are being aimed at Mexicans are the same recycled tripe that was said about Catholic Irish immigrants, Eastern European immigrants, and Italian immigrants. Same anti-Catholic nonsense, but this time some who claim to be Catholic are collaborating with it. You should be ashamed of your racist tendencies.

M. Alexander said...

Dear Jeffrey,
You should pay better attention. I'm not racist. My husband is not white. My children are not white.

My husband is a LEGAL immigrant. A rare concept these days.

You fallen for it my friend.

Jay said...

I am surprised you as American have this problem, for you yourself have immigrants ancestors - third, fourth generation back? You sounds a bit self-righteous to me. God loves humility and I pray He may bless you with more generous heart.

M. Alexander said...

Dear Jay,
Yes I am ungenerous. The mother of 8 children usually is a particularly ungenerous sort.

I resent having to provide for criminals. I resent having to use resources that should be dedicated to my own family for those here illegally and their families. I resent the crime they bring because again of the resources that have to be applied to try to control it and because my family may become victim to it.

But none of that matters. The only thing that matters is love, indulgence, liberalism and socialism.

Don't you see my friends that this is another attempt to force women into the workforce? When you are handing out food, housing, jobs, education and college tuition to people who are here illegally it becomes difficult to provide for your own family and theirs.

It certainly is true that my great grandparents are immigrants- LEGAL ONES.

Jay said...

Yes Mary, you are absolutely right and you can be frustrated, however I can see that you are bit under spiritual attack. Please reject these thoughts, you can vote appropriately, but do not keep this in you mind or meditate upon it. It will lead you to hatred and as you may remember, we are told in the Scriptures not to be judgmental. Your spiritual wellbeing is more important than pondering on something you have hardly any chance to change, apart maybe from voting. All this frustration although justified, can bring you spiritual damage. And this is a purpose of it. The evil one is very clever, and when he cannot make you sin in more simple way he starts to try to corrupt heart as much as he can, and this will separate you from Our Lord more and more and in the you may became more vulnerable to the evil one schemes. This is very subtle but be aware of it. This is temptation. God bless you and yours.

Anonymous said...

M. Alexander,

I am in complete agreement with you. Besides the elements of crime and out of wedlock births you mentioned, our national culture is threatened. The much-demonized Anglo culture of yore, which our country had before the liberalism and multiculturalism, is being slowly destroyed. Spanish is supplanting English in California and the rest of the southwest, and the Spanish media is the fastest growing in America.

We will all do well to remember that the reason we have never had such an immigration crisis before is because immigration levels were sharply cut in the 1910s, the height of the Great Wave, before things could get as bad as they are today. Additionally, recall that one of the causes of the Roman Empire's downfall was the permitted immigration of the Goths and other migrating tribes en masse.

Immigration is necessary in this age, wherein the normal supply of low wage workers is murdered in the womb. However, it should be legal, and even then it cannot be unlimited. Besides the cultural problems mentioned above, immigrants are generally low income earners, and more money from socialistic government programs is spent on them than is collected in taxes.

I am shocked by the nerve of those who would call you and others "who claim to be Catholic" like Pat Buchanan of racism or of any anger but righteous anger over illegal immigration. Also, I salute you: I did not know (or forgot) that you are a mother of eight- women like you are going to save our imperiled Nation!

Anonymous said...

Sorry. My phrase "liberalism and multiculturalism" was supposed to be followed by "of the 1960s".