Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Did you know?

That 30% of Planned Parenthood's annual budget comes from the taxpayers?

That's what we get by having a "prolife" Republican in office for 8 years.

Vote Pro Life.
Vote Third Party.


Anonymous said...

100% of cases accepted for nullity investigations in the Catholic Church are REQUIRED by American Catholic dioceses, with no basis in Canon Law to justify it, to be "forced" through a "no fault" legal system where an innocent spouse CANNOT defend themselves and when they get to the Church process NEITHER can they defend themselves unless they are fortunate enough to hear about appealing to the Roman Rota, other wise the likelyhood of their valid marriage being declared null is very, very high. For my ENTIRE LIFE TIME we have had, supposedly, pro marriage, pro family Bishops in the US and a Pope, of, supposedly, the same orientation in Rome but still we have endless injustices is nullities and no program to heal those marriages that "SURVIVE" the system and are determined to be VALID. There is NO MOVE ANYWHERE TO DEAL WITH THIS HUGE PROBLEM THAT IS A CANCER IN THE CATHOLIC CHURCH!

Don't throw stones in a glass enclosure.

Vote for a third party and you will inaugurate far worse politicians who will pack the US Supreme Court with bloodthirsty child-murduring so-called justices!!!

The Catholic Church may be "Pro-Life" but it IS NOT "PRO_FAMILY".


M. Alexander said...

Why are you posting anonymously? I know exactly who you are.

Anonymous said...

"Vote for a third party and you will inaugurate far worse politicians "

Um...... And the Dem/Rep parties have given us WHAT??
BTW there is no such thing as a "former Catholic". You are and always will be Catholic. The correct terminology for a person who turns his back on his professed faith would be something like heretic, apostate or recreant Catholic.
Chilly Chick

NCTradCatholic said...

I see we both are on the same Yahoo list! :-)

And if you're in a state that hasn't had a primary yet, vote for Ron Paul! He hasn't dropped out yet, and he doesn't lower himself to David Letterman.

Sanctus Belle said...

Mary, which third party to you recommend? It would seem that Republicans have largely given lip service only to the prolife cause.

M. Alexander said...

Hi Sanctus Belle,
Sorry to be getting back to you so late- we had the stomach flu, and how! I think I'm just going to go into the voting booth and pick whoever has run on the "Prolife Party " ticket. For the past few years I've thought to myself I should be doing that. Do you have a suggestion?