Monday, April 14, 2008

So little time, So Many Blog Posts

Isn't that always the way? When I have time, I don't have a thing to say. When I don't have any time, now splitting my time between 3 blogs! [check out the newest!] I have so many ideas.

But anyway, this past weekend I spent about 20 hours at Boston College Campus, playground of the Jesuits, jewel of Irish, Boston post-Catholicism, benefactor of the disbursement of the Boston Chancery and home to a lifeguard re-certification course that my oldest daughter needed to continue her lifeguarding career.

It is some campus.
Isn't it amazing what $50K/year can buy you? Unfortunately I missed the "Shabbat services".

But while I was on campus I visited the library. I saw a section marked periodicals and while I thought I could read something like "Mother Earth News" or "Good Housekeeping" I found that there were shelves upon shelves of scholarly journals. At first I was bored and though- ho hum. But then I found this:

The Flannery O'Connor Review.

To think that such a thing existed!

I read an interview with Sally Fitzgerald and understood for the first time that the figure of the "Artificial Nigger" was a symbol of the Crucifixtion.

And there are cartoons of peacocks.

And the story of "the fella I used to go with". The man that Flannery O'Connor loved. Who disappointed her. The inspiration for the story "Good Country People".

And I got the taste of "academia". I remembered college. Research. Reading. And the sense that you were doing something, researching something, analyzing something and it was meaningful.

All beautiful memories. But none as beautiful as the present realities of family life. Even when the 4 youngest have the stomach flu.


Anonymous said...

"I don't have a thing to say."!!!!

And just when was that? There’s no reprieve even when you’ve asleep.

Trust me readers, trust me.

M. Alexander said...

This is my dear husband. Poor, sainted man that he is. He is correct. And my penitence level on a scale of 1-10, would be 0.

Anonymous said...

Christina said...


You're inspiring me want to go down into the basement to unpack my dusty boxes of college books; and find my Flannery O'Connor novels. If only morning sickness didn't last all day, and I could stay awake past 11:00 when the kids are all finally asleep, and the dishes are done!

And, of course, if I go downstairs, I'll feel guilted into doing a load of laundry. So a cup of tea and off to bed instead! :)

We miss you guys!