Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lucinda Williams: Change the Locks

That's country music y'all.


+JMJ+ said...

Thanks for this blast from the past!

I used to listen to this on punk stations of my youth, back when she was dying.

M. Alexander said...

You must be thinking of someone else. Lucinda Williams is still alive and she is a country singer.

+JMJ+ said...

OK, I googled her. While this song for Lucinda Williams was a cross over hit that was played on rock stations and wikipedia does also classify her as a rock singer, beside country...the one who recieved a benefit album for her sickness was Lucinda's friend, Victoria Williams. Lucinda was a part of the Sweet Victory album for Victoria with other punk and rock artists.

Sorry for that one piece of confusion.

M. Alexander said...

Sounds like you know way more about this than I do! I bow to your knowledge! LOL

So is she still alive?

Marchbanks said...

Victoria Williams and Lucinda Willams are both very much alive. Victoria was diagnosed with MS in the early '90s, which is what prompted the "Sweet Relief" tribute/benefit album, on which Lucinda appears. However, having MS doesn't appear to have slowed up Victoria too awful much, as she's still recording and (occasionally) touring.

Lucinda is . . . well, hell, Lucinda.