Thursday, July 03, 2008

Objections to Serial Motherhood

I know that's a weird headline, but hey that's me.

What are some of the objections to serial motherhood?

And by that I mean having more than 2 children. Specifically having more children than a boy and a girl (mini-mes of Mom and Dad) spaced exactly 3 years apart.


I give you the Holy Family.


Sanity is overrated and largely arbitrary.

Poor health of the mother.

Well, I admit I have led you into a trap. A friend of mine has just borne her 13th child. Now when I think of the mother of 13 children I think, medieval Europe, a woman scuffling along with a cane and a cape of rough wool clad about her shoulders. She does not make eye contact because she is too impoverished, dejected, despondent.

But just look at this amazing photograph!

Now you may be thinking to yourself, well NFP has saved us from THAT. (the folly of having 13 children!). Think again my friend and reconsider who is engaging in folly.

Someone better inform Mrs. Karen Kasprzak and Mrs. Duggar because I guess they didn't get the memo. The one that says "having a lot children is for those who want to be unhappy and in ill health and ignorant and depressed." Don't be like St. Catherine of Siena's mother who bore 23 children.

That is not allowed anymore.

I look at that picture and I do not see despondence. Depression. I see triumph!

Oh no! Now we are going to be accused of "Triumphalism". Well, I don't think I have ever defended myself against that charge as much as gloried in it.

So there you are.

Well, I just couldn't help myself and I hope that you draw the same conclusion that I have. You can have 13 children. Or 23. Or 18 and be healthy, happy, unimpoverished and photogenic. (because that is what is REALLY important).


Anonymous said...

Ohh, now I must merely find a wife that would be willing to have all the children God would give us. My main goal for my life is to be a father.

Cecilia said...

Great post (and great moms). May God abundantly reward their faith and perseverance.

Karen said...

Thank you for your kind words, Mary. :) After a nice and restful stay at the hospital, Ysabel and I are anxious to go home to the rest of the crew. :)

Petrus said...

What a great picture!! Karen looks great!!

Dymphna said...

God bless them all but not everyone is called to have that many children. There are some women who at their maximum effort to raise one. It doesn't make them less Catholic. Our Lady only had one and so did St. Elizabeth. Sarah had one, and Rachel only managed two.

Kimberly said...

Wonderful post! I have friends with 8, 9, 12, etc. and my heart yearns for more. I have 4 (17, 10, 4, 2) and one in heaven. The Lord has not given us more, but I continue to pray that if it is His will then I will be prepared.

Enjoyed your blog. I will stop to check it out often.
Thank you!

Awesome God blog

erin is nice said...
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M. Alexander said...

The point is to do God's will and not your own when it comes to having children.

erin is nice said...

Doing God's will does not mean constantly giving in to one's physical desires.
Is it virtuous to spend all your (the general your) money and just trust that God will make sure you have everything you need? Of course not, it's imprudent.
Why then is it more virtuous to never practice continence in other areas?

M. Alexander said...

So are you saying that St. Catherine of Siena's mother was lacking in self control? No one gives in to their physical desires all the time. But sometimes laziness and a reluctance to take care of another child is the reason for avoiding the birth of another baby. When you are open to life God wills what He will.

I grew up in a family of 9 children and my parents heard this argument all the time. That obviously they were lacking in self control. Of course they heard this mainly from other Catholics who had been sterilized.

I'm always surprised to encounter defensiveness on this issue rather than gratitude that some women have been willing to be open to life and appreciation for their generosity and the example they have set.

erin is nice said...
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erin is nice said...

i apologize for my earlier uncharitable comments.