Saturday, November 29, 2008

True Love

A dear friend, or one who I count as such but have never met in real life has a new baby.

This baby is the 10th child in the family. Of the 10, 9 are adopted. Most of the children have profound needs. In this beautiful family their needs are more than being met and they have all surpassed the expectations of the "professionals". They never do seem to account for love. Especially true love.

Lesa and her new baby.

This is a picture of all the children.

This is not a family of extravagant means but they are certainly extravagant in the way they love.

When you start to worry about the future, the economy, how God will supply your needs and those of your family think of this family and their incredible faith. It is not for us to doubt God's providence, or second guess His provision.

A little boy came to the world at Christmas time. And this family said, "There is room at the Inn."


Julie said...

Wow, that is so well said, brought tears to my eyes!

crusader88 said...

Aww, that's a very sweet story. Another mother of ten... she deserves a medal for her contribution of ten new, well cared for citizens for our Nation.

Anonymous said...

M. Alexander....I like your spirit in this area but always remember that the Church ackowledges that there can be serious motives to space or temporarily avoid childbirth and the Church does not state that Providence overrides such serious motives. Your family here seem to have a big fireplace which means they are have sufficient income for such a house. There are thousands upon thousands of children on the streets of Rio who are there in some cases because there is no more room in their crowded family quarters in the ghettoes of Rio. Providence does not override reality.....which is why Christ at one point said... "woe to those who are with child in those days"....referring to a future time of great turmoil. Christ did not say that women would be fine under such conditions if they were with child.

Mat 24:19 And woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days!
Mar 13:17 But woe to them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days!
Luk 21:23 But woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck, in those days! for there shall be great distress in the land, and wrath upon this people.

Anonymous said...

Indeed..appropo Jesus's woe warning, the present financial distress is for some not all...a punishment for our abortion rate...

see Micah 6:14... "What you acquire, you cannot save; what you do save, I will deliver up to the sword." verse 7 God refers to the Jews once again giving their first born to a false god:

"Shall I give my first-born for my crime"

see 2 Kings 16:3 and 21:6 for other Jews who did so offer their first born.

M. Alexander said...

Dear Anonymous,

And by the way you gutless anonymi really kill me, what can I say,

you've convinced me?:

Childbearing is evil, wrong, risky and entails suffering. Birth control, NFP, sterilization, abortion for all!

Church teaching be damned.

Merry Christmas.

Yes, a LOT can be deduced from someone's fireplace. Really scientific.

You've missed out on what is important in life and you have a sad, hopeless, selfish outlook. Try not to be jealous of people who "get it". And maybe if you try really hard and get out of your lukewarm mode of thinking and try to be a little less SELFISH you might "get it" too.

If someone can raise 10 children, in these present difficult times maybe someone as insecure as you can raise one or five, in spite of what the Bible says! LOL

Anonymous said...

Sorry that you know better than the Church and the encyclicals in this matter. The NT says that "women will be saved by childrearing if..if... they continue in faith and love and holiness with modesty"....which is not how your response "gutless". Can Catholics debate minus the ad hominems...or is that a sine qua non of Catholic discourse? Childrearing alone does not must be joined to love which is not evident in your post above.

The tenor of your post is why some Catholics post anonymously which if you don't like anonymous should change web sites to one that makes that unavailable.

M. Alexander said...

Dear Anonymous,

I could change a setting on this blog to deter anonymous posters but I understand that SOMETIMES poster wishes to remain anonymous. However YOU are ashamed to reveal your identity because what you are saying is deceptive and a misapplication of biblical text and not consistent with Catholic teaching.

So hide behind an anonymous view but realize that your attempt to deceive and mislead people will not go unchallenged.

Heliodora said...

Misapplication of biblical texts, indeed- That's a doosey! Quite amusing, actually.

Apparently, Anon. is also incapable of reading posts, because he/she should have noticed that nine of the ten children featured are adopted, and therefore his/her post is irrelevant.

Petrus said...

Why are people like "anonymous" so upset by examples of generosity? Why look at an example of a family that is generous, sadly shake your head and say, "ah, but not everyone can be like that." Why not? Why not just be generous? Everything today is about making excuses for each other... but the early apostles were not just asked to be generous, but expected to be. They ran away from the cross, but they came back and carried it around the world.

"Ah," Anonymous says, "not everyone can be like that."

Petrus said...

I wonder if anonymous noticed that the wood holders for the fireplace are being used as toy boxes. HA!

bethalice said...

Dear Anon.,
Pray tell, what does "space or temporarily avoid childbirth" have to do with this lovely family adopting children?

"the Church does not state that Providence overrides such serious motives" - What does this mean? Are you saying that serious motives can override God's Providence? That there are times when we should not accept/doubt what He directs for us? I suggest you read what the Catholic Encyclopedia (sources include Scripture, councils, testimony of the Fathers) has to say about it.

A big fireplace suggests a sufficient income? Wow! I recently had a fireplace. I had a "sufficient income" and did not know it! Well, actually I did, because no matter how much or little income I have had, I trusted that God would make sure whatever I had was sufficient.

As for your accusations against M. Alexander, there is such a thing as justified anger; even Our Lord has displayed it.

By the way, I agree that there are times when remaining anonymous is allowed (for example, when donors remain anonymous after a monetary donation, to be humble), NOT when one is making comments as you did. Remaining anon only discredits comments like yours.

erin is nice said...

i just do not understand your obsessive anti-nfp crusade, m.alexander.

there are so many good traditional priests who disagree with you, and i am inclined to give their statements far more credibility than yours.

M. Alexander said...

I don't see anything about NFP in the post. So, who is obsessive about NFP?

Not me.