Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Victory Feast is in the Oven

We're preparing a home-raised turkey, and there will be mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, butternut squash, homemade bread and chocolate chip cookies for dessert. We are thinking optimistically here. "Claiming it" as the Southern Baptists would say.

The questions that will be answered today:

1. How many votes for Obama are a result of "white guilt"?

2. How wrong were the polls who have had Obama as high as 15% points over McCain. As if.

3. How much of a fool of herself will Katie Couric make this time? (Remember when she almost burst into tears when Kerry conceded?) I enjoyed that far too much.

4. Will there be rioting? My daughter is in Chicago so I told her to get home from work early and lock the dorm doors in case things get lively in Chicago- "the murder capitol of the country". (The effects of Community Organizing are still being felt it seems.)

5. How much voter fraud will be revealed? My daughter has 2 friends from Indiana (white Catholics from a battleground state who are breaking for McCain)who requested absentee ballots. They never received them. When they called to inquire about the status they were told they never received their information. I think those votes have probably already been cast if you know what I mean.

6. What will Meghan McCain do now? I've enjoyed her blog- McCain Blogette for all the important reasons- great photos, great fashion and great music. Spirit, Dedication to her family, and hard work- what a great role model she has been. The Cindy and John McCain must be as proud of her as she is of them.

7. I'm listening to something really funny- The Manning Report. Reverend Manning is a Manhattan minister who is African American and opposed to Obama. Warning this is very politically incorrect and very hilarious. I've just hit replay. (perhaps some of the humor is in bad taste and the language is strong but I'm in a forgiving mood today). (you can find it on YouTube).

8. Which Thrift store will get Sarah Palin's campaign wardrobe? Will that information be released to committed Republicans who had 3 yard signs, attended a Sarah Palin rally, conducted sign waves in NH and defended the ticket fearlessly online? (There may be a sizing challenge but in my euphoria at McCain's victory I expect I won't eat for several weeks.)

9. What will McCain's Cabinet look like? My social and professional calendar can be cleared at a moment's notice. I hate to leave New England you know but for my country I could make the sacrifice.

10. If Obama wins (and I've left this possibility last because I believe it is so remote) how long will it be before we are attacked and Obama does absolutely nothing to defend us? And at that point will the people voting for him who have said, "We should be okay as long as Obama doesn't go all radical on us." realize they've made a mistake.


Petrus said...

I love #9 - and will visit you often :)

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha...hope the dinner was good, because the rest of your night was....well, you know. What a glorious day!!!!!!

Petrus said...

Wow, Anonymous - you are so brave. Despite the fact that the majority of Americans agree with you, you still lack the courage to sign your name.


Josh said...

uhm, well actually petrus your profile lacks a name as well... What are you hiding!!!