Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Voter Intimidation in Philadelphia

With thanks to Thomas Shawn.

When I voted this morning in Townsend, MA I followed one of the links provided by the McCain link and went to Memorial Town Hall (where I had voted in the past). When I got there it seemed no one was voting and there was a sign outside that said vote at North Middlesex High School. I got back in the car and drove down there. When I entered to vote I was told that I had to take my Sarah Palin button off (?). And then I indicated to the election workers that the polling place advertised online is Town Hall. The election workers tried to tell me well that is the information from the campaign right? Exactly I said and that is what THEY were told.

Then I learned that the decision to change the election location was only made in October. Now wasn't it in October that McCain started winning? (probably just a coincidence.) Then I learned that a postcard was supposedly sent out to every voter telling them where the polling place was. Guess what- we didn't get it.

Crooks. I will be writing a letter to the Town Clerk. Townsend is a pretty conservative town and I think largely going for McCain.

Keep voting and don't let anyone intimidate you.


Jerry said...

Hi Mary,

I found this great read posted on freerepublic.com:
It's long, but beats fretting! Enjoy it, then have a nice dinner and some wine.


Madeline said...

I guess the Demoncrats can stop intimidating us at the polling places, now, and start intimidating us in our homes.

Thomas Shawn said...

It was funny, I listened the election results driving down to NYC to go to a stock market trading seminar.

At the seminar I sat next to a stewardess, a single mother of two who nervously confessed that she voted Obama. She said she "hoped Obama would do the right thing."

I cryptically replied that, "I think a lot of different people are looking for a lot of different things from him."

I should have replied, "You're interested in the stock market and you just voted for a communist."

Petrus said...

I know you've been busy - but really, we need some happy news.

M. Alexander said...

Petrus, We're counting on YOU for some good news.

No pressure or anything. LOL