Friday, May 08, 2009

In This Day and Age

...with all the buzz about the NY flyover that resulted in panic and distress for New Yorkers who thought they were reliving 9/11 I can't help but ask myself:

Was this necessary in the day of Photoshop????

And we have the customary resignation.

But the "sacrificial lamb" seems especially artificial this time around. we've been there. We've done that. And martial law is still coming, fresh on the heels of socialistm.


tradcatholic said...

If (1)Even if PHOTOSHOP was used to pretend that Air Force One flew over the Statue of Liberty to (2) pretend that the President flew over the S of L too, and (3) $300,000+ of pretend money was used to pay for it, isn't it all a sham no matter what way we look at it?
As for me, I am pretending that nobody voted for this President and just whistling Dixie! Only 43 more months to go.

M. Alexander said...

Photoshop would have saved $300,000.

But I guess what is that compared to trillions!

What the heck! "Apres moi le deluge!"

Michael H. J. said...

Dear Mary:

I left a message for you on my blog; I have been meaning to take down my old essays. the new one is all about you...

God Bless You
Michael h. Pierce