Friday, May 01, 2009

My Apology to Perez Hilton: Mike Adams

I really love the South.

Here is Mike Adams of and his apology to Perez Hilton.

I am sorry that you cannot keep your political opinions out of a beauty contest. I am sorry that gay men are rarely capable of keeping the subject of gay marriage out of any conversation.

I am sorry that, in this country, people are often afraid to talk to gay people because they believe that if they tell others the truth about their views on gay marriage, they will upset other people. I am sorry that gays really do try to get people fired or destroy their careers for opposing gay marriage. I am sorry that many gays cannot see how this reinforces the stereotype that homosexuality is an emotional disorder.

He will probably go the way of Jay Severin who has been suspended indefinitely.

And no matter how obnoxious I find his comments, it frightens me that alternative opinions can no longer be expressed. Even obnoxiously. Whatever happened to Cohen v. California?

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