Friday, January 27, 2006

Gumbleton Made to Resign

If you are like me, you may know the name Gumbleton but may not be aware of his many talents. The founder of Pax Christi, author of The Peace Pulpit, a weekly series published by the National Catholic Reporter, pastor of St. Leo's in Detroit and former Bishop of Detroit under Cardinal Maida. Terms that define Bishop Gumbleton would include liberation theologian, pacifist, prohomosexual and all-round apologist for the Left. They say if you mix a little bit of the truth with a lie you get a more dangerous and powerful falsehood that pretty much epitomizes the career of Gumbleton and his attempted amalgamation of liberalism and Catholicism.

But the good news is that his resignation has been achieved. In an open letter Gumbleton states that he did not wish to resign and had been corresponding with vatican officials to "hang on". Thankfully his powers of persuasion were inadequate to the task.

Just before the news of the resignation came, Gumbleton stated that he had been molested as a teenager by a priest. Criticized for this by his admirers, he nontheless refused to reveal the identity of the priest- if indeed such a person exists.

Some of the more outrageous statements from his speeches and articles:

I know you realized that the laity are not as enraged by the fact that there are priests who are pedophiles, as much as the collusion in covering up and protecting the criminals disguised as men of God.

Personally I find it pretty enraging that some priests are pedophiles.

And on homosexuals in the school:

I believe our community would be enriched by the acknowledged presence of homosexual teachers in our schools.
[emphasis mine]

In a speech in Lexington, MA in 2005 Gumbleton called for "reforms" in the Church that included less homophobia, being more welcoming to homosexuals in the priesthood and the democratic election of Bishops by the people. But with the designation of retired it can be hoped that Bishop Gumbleton's mischief making days are drawing to a close. Surely the acceptance of this resignation is a sign that the days of tolerance by Rome of all manner of dissent, disobedience and the fostering of confusion among Catholics are ending. Let us hope.

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Thomas Shawn said...

I recognise Pax Christi from the Worcester Diocese newspaper ... they seem like very angry leftists.