Saturday, January 28, 2006

Parent 1 and Parent 2

This story about the successful efforts of two women to be listed as parent 1 and parent 2 on their adopted son's birth certificate from Virginia is a sad one. With the involvement of the Virginia ACLU, they were able to change the designations on the child's birth certificate from "mother" and "father" to parent 1 and parent 2.

The adoption of children by homosexuals is clearly an attempt to exploit these children in order to 1. gain sympathy 2. win legal rights 3. perpetuate their lifestyle for the next generation.

Boston Catholic Charities was allowing the adoption of children by homosexuals in this article. Thankfully they were straightened out by the Vatican but not before 13 adoptions by homosexual parents was permitted.

The website Colage found here is for the children of homosexuals. You need look no further than this poem to see the pathetic attempt by the homosexual lobby to accomplish their cultural aspirations.

The Word Marriage

by Julia Croteau, age 11

My mom's [sic]can't legally get married. This is only because some people just don't know the real meaning of marriage. Not the definition in the dictionary, but the definition that comes from someone's heart. A man and a woman who truly love each other can easily get married anywhere they wish, but two men or two women that truly love each other can only get a civil union in Connecticut and Vermont. The Connecticut government has no problem making a law for a civil union as long as the law says gays and lesbians will never legally get married. So the definition for marriage that comes from my heart, is the bond between two human beings who are madly in love with each other. So trust me, that is the definition of marriage. But hey, look at the bright side, the lesbians and gays of Massachusetts can now get legally get married. So never doubt that there will be change, because there already has been.

Wow, what do you say to an eleven year old little girl? And that is just the reaction the activists are looking for.


Thomas Shawn said...

Here's what you say:

"A man and a woman who truly love each other can easily get married anywhere they wish."

1) This is false. A man and a woman who are brother and sister cannot legally get married. A man who is already married cannot marry a second woman (and vise versa.) A woman cannot marry her son. Society has rules.

#2) So, in 5000 years of Judeo-Christian society ... governments have always regulated marriage one way or another.

#3) This "dictionary" definition of marriage comes from GOD who created the people who write dictionaries.

#4)So you are imposing your own HOMOSEXUAL Dictionary as you are discriminating against bigamists, men who want to marry their daughters, women who want to marry inanimate objects and people who want to marry their pets.

#5) This Homosexual marriage is not written on my heart nor on the heart of an overwhelming majority of people.

So, given the choice between God's definition of marriage, a general dictionary definition, a homosexual dictionary definition or a satanic dictionary .... I vote for God's version.

The people of Massachusetts will eventually get to vote on this and I think they'll favor God by about 70%. Ultimately, we are a democracy and ultimately God will have Dominion over this democracy.

Jamie Carin said...

touche! Excellent points!