Friday, January 13, 2006

A Nice LIttle Montage of Heresies

Here at Suicide of the West. I guess more people are becoming interested in the subject of heresies.


Madeline said...

Hi, Mary;

The links are interesting, but but I think the guys a nut. His opening statement about the book "Out of Egypt" is very disturbing. I looked up a review of the book "Out of Egypt," and (if the on-line review is accurate), the book takes much of it's content from apocrophal texts (including the "gospel" of Thomas), which has an account of Jesus striking a fellow playmate dead, and then resurrecting him, out of remorse.

Also, Anne Rice (despite her recent return to Catholocism) is also a nut. See here:,0,6684257.story

M. Alexander said...

Of course he's a nut. Anyone who reads Anne Rice would have to be a nut. Or an intellectual, or maybe they're the same thing.