Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Halloooo out there!

Well this is my first post, of my second blog. (The first I let sit idle and I think they deleted me) You know who "they" are- the blog people. Anyway, I want this blog to be informational and fun and if I ever feel like it is then I might even tell people about it. ;)

Recently, I was discussing heresies w/ my vastly better educated younger sister and we were trying to think of the name of the heresy that states that all nice people go to heaven. She knew it began with an "N". I tried researching heresies and all I came up with was a bunch of sites listing the "heresies" of the Catholic Church. Now since the Catholic Church is the One, Holy and Apostolic Church I knew that wasn't right!

So I thought I would start a blog discussing the different heresies- since clearly there is no shortage of them. I think the name of the heresy might be Naturalism. Any thoughts?

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