Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Princeton Review Ranks Party Schools

According to this article, the top ten party schools are:

1. The University of Texas at Austin
2. Penn State University Park
3. West Virginia University
4. University of Wisconsin-Madison
5. University of Mississippi
6. Ohio University-Athens
7. University of Massachusetts-Amherst
8. Louisiana State University
9. University of Iowa
10. University of California-Santa Barbara

According to the Princeton Review's website these determinations were made:

"Based on a combination of survey questions concerning the use of alcohol and drugs, hours of study each day, and the popularity of the Greek system."

So the term party really means depravity and we all know what, though unmeasured follows from such decadent hedonism. Even more listing is the rankings of the "Stone Cold Sober Schools". It would be hard to be more perjorative than that!

They are:

1. Brigham Young University (UT)
2. Wheaton College (IL)
3. College of the Ozarks
4. Grove City College
5. United States Naval Academy
6. United States Coast Guard Academy
7. United States Air Force Academy
8. CUNY - Queens College
9. Wellesley College
10. Calvin College

Interestingly, BYU is Mormon. Wheaton, College of the Ozarks, Grove City and Calvin are Evangelical Protestant schools. The military academies speak for themselves and I can't imagine how Wellesley ended up on this list.

Now, I enjoy a drink as much as the next person. Well maybe even more than the next person, afterall I am Irish, but I am sorry to see that no Catholic schools made the list of those eschewing debauchery. Of course one could make the argument that the likes of Notre Dame, Boston College, Holy Cross, Georgetown, Catholic U are no longer really Catholic so it doesn't really matter.

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