Friday, December 01, 2006

Going to Nepal

I'm not. But my laptop is. My sister is travelling on business and will be in Kathmandu next week. Her business is of a secretive and politically sensitive nature so I cannot reveal any details. You understand.

To add insult to injury her client with whom she was supposed to be travelling cannot make the trip. So she is taking.... my sister. So eventhough I have been reading climbing accounts of Mount Everest for years, watching documentaries, visiting the Everest climbing news websites and imagining myself at Base Camp for years... I will not be going to Nepal next week. I know exactly how Jo felt when Beth accompanied Aunt March to Europe. And then she came back married to Teddy!

The history of Catholicism in Nepal is interesting. India was originally evanglized by St. Thomas the Apostle in 52 AD. Martyred and buried in India his work was continued by St. Francis Xavier in the 1500s. A historical account states that "St. Francis Xavier made it a point not only to convert the people but lso destroy the idols and ancient places of devil worship."

I was heartened and encouraged to see that Goa, India even had its own Inquisition which according to Wikipedia was requested of the Holy Father, John II by St. Francis Xavier though it did not take place until 8 years after his death and was prosecuted by the Portugese settlers. Supposedly the Inquisition continued until the British took control of Goa. Because they were known to be such benevolent rulers? No, I think it had more to do with spreading their protestant heresies and trying to undermine the True Faith.

It is still a crime to proseltyze in Nepal. Supposedly the law is not enforced and has not been since 1990. Internet sources say that there are 7,105 Christians in Nepal. Next week there will be 7,107. I guess we will find out if the anti-religious laws are enforced or not.

So, while my computer will be basking in the shadow of Chomolungma, or "goddess of the universe" as the Nepalese call Everest, I can only hope that some dust from the summit will settle into its keys and inspire it. And me.


SurgiteetCoffeamOlfacite said...

Dad siad the only way to make it fair is to do something so that they wish they hadn't gotten to go so I'm going to burn down Maddy's house and kill Qlinger's dog. If you want a peice of the action. . . but Dad said that wasn't what he meanat, oh well

hilary said...

Gosh! A secret mission to Kathmandu!

How glamourous!

Petrus said...

I wonder who will come back married to Teddy... I guess that's better than getting married to Mohammed.